6 Simple steps to write a Brilliant Blog Post

5 simple steps to write a Brilliant Blog PostDo you sound smarter when you use big words? I said No. Because use of harder and complex words doesn't makes you smarter. Complex writing makes you sound small-minded. Always use simple and unique content while you are writing your blog post. If you wanted an good traffic for your site then always prefer a good writing skills. As you know in my previous article How to manage blog during exams i love to convey the message of managing your blog during exams, and now i would like to share an post which is based on how to wright an brilliant article/post for your blog. Just go through with this article.

Simple steps to write a Brilliant Blog Post

1)  Have something to say

When you have nothing to say, you are forced to write sentences that sound meaningful but deliver nothing. Try to focus on your topic or we can say niche. Be clear whatever you writes. Always remember your reader always wanted interesting posts from your blog. Research on your niche and then wright.

2)  Use simple words

Use simple words
As i mentioned above in description always use simple and innovative words, don't act over clever because harder and complex words doesn't makes you smarter. Use longer words only if your meaning is so specific no other words will do.

3)  Keep paragraphs short

Always remember that your reader and visitors feel bored while reading long paragraphs. It will effects your traffic. Try to keep your post as short as you can like 1000 words are enough. But include all points.

4)  Focus on your article

Focus on your article
Most important is focus on your blog post. Focus on its value, not promotion. If you want that your post become valuable then mark all points. Give all relevant points to your readers which leads to increase your traffic.

5)  Wright first, edit later

Its an important and mark able point, while you are writing your blog post firstly complete it and edit it. There is a separate time for editing it, But first complete it and focus what ever you writing, you have to wright without concerning about perfectionist of your writing.

6)  Be the reader of your blog post

It is very important for every blogger to read its content when they are going to publish. Before you publish your post make sure its includes all relevant points, edit your article, check the grammar and spelling mistakes. You can add more information to your blog when you are proofread your post.
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