How to manage Blog during Exams

How to manage Blog during ExamsExams are the most toughest and complex word of student’s life. Exams are the biggest problem for every students. Exams are the most dangerous word a student can hear. When these exams comes it badly effect the whole schedule of blogger. An blogger totally disturb whether he/she concentrate on their study of manage their Blog. If an blogger focus on their study then at the same time their one eye is always on their site which leads to distraction in their study. These exams comes every year which gives difficulty to every blogger. So, here are some amazing tips and techniques by which every blogger should able to manage his/her site during exams. Have a quick look!

How to manage Blog during Exams-

Hire an Author

Hiring an author or freelancer is the best technique to manage your blog during exams. Hire an author which having an full knowledge about internet world and obvious about blogging. I personally recommend to hire an teenager, professors or college students for your blog because they have an fresh mind and awareness towards latest materials.

Make a workable time table every morning

Make an time table which always remind your task day to day. Be punctual and always think positive. When exams comes every student get disturb but i would say don't panic. Wake up every morning and take a deep breath and manage your working schedule. Its difficult to work within a limit but try to be in a discipline.

Ask for your friend help

Build up good relationship with your friends. Try to convince your friends to manage your blog during your exams. Building an healthy relationship with fellow bloggers is very important. Your friends can manage your blog like writing guest posts, as a freelancer, editing your articles, comments, approving etc which gives you full satisfaction.

Making notes

Making notes
Don't get to much stress. Making notes is very important during exams. Notes are always helpful, so always mark pain points of every lessons. Notes always play an important role when you are sit for revision. So without any delay start making your study notes and don't panic.

Getting guest post

Getting guest post
If you don't want to pay money to content writers then here is only way getting guest posting to your blog. There are a lot of guest bloggers available.

Use your free time

Don't always busy with your study. If their is a free time then you should start convocation with your fellow, friends, your readers through comments. Using a Smartphone instead of sitting in front of your desk helps you to save some time and get more marks in the exams. Build up good relationship with your daily visitors. Its a symbol of good blogger.

Ask Your Loyal Readers

Next important point is ask your loyal readers. You can ask your regular readers to write for you by donating them a backlink in return. You will need to gather 10-15 posts from your readers, compose them and schedule them.

Take a proper sleep

Last but not the least an important point is take a full proper sleep. Take a proper relaxation and give peace to your mind. Sleeping is must for everyone because it gives a relaxation to your body.
That’s it!!


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