10 Mistakes that most New Bloggers will doAre you newbie blogger to your site? Are you looking for traffic to your site? These are the questions which comes in every new bloggers mind. And they usually do some mistakes which further affect their blogging carrier. We are not machines, we are human beings and did some mistakes in life. But we have to solve it and try to avoid these mistakes in future. We have such high expectations for our new blog but don’t realize some critical key elements that you will encounter and it will take everything you have. In blogging world bloggers should aware with such mistakes which leads to difficulty to there blog. I would like to share some mistakes which should be avoided and cant let that happen in future.

10 Mistakes that most New Bloggers will do-

1) Do not copy the content which is related to some other blog/site. Wright your article in your own words. You may copy a idea, but don't copy it as it is ,write it in your words.
2) Cant wright to much content in your article which is not able to handle. Avoid those title or niche that doesn't work.
3) Bloggers always worry with the traffic of there blog. Let me say it will take some time. Don't panic, the efforts you made today to increase traffic will show up after 2-3 month.
4) Social media play an important role for your blog or website but some bloggers doesn't take its as a powerful tool.
5) Build up a good relationship with your visitors, readers etc. Always being visible when your readers have some problem. Solve their problems via commenting.
6) Avoid Blackhat Search engine optimization techniques and methods because it will surely affect your Google page ranking.
7) Post articles regularly when you are new to this blogging world. Be active. Don't be lazy with your article.
8) The competition is very hard among bloggers but the continuous effort will definitely give good result. Newbie bloggers loose their efforts and hope. But keep trying with positive thinking.
9) Avoid posting short posts and stealing Targeted keywords, your blog post is must of around 400+ words according to Goggle panda effect. Put all relevant points in your article.
10) Wasting time on Facebook is the biggest problem now a days. Use Facebook to increase your online reputation not to kill your important time. Spend your time on face book effectively.
With the help of this article, I hope new blog owners can avoid making these mistakes and get closer to attaining their goals. If you are doing some of the mistakes correct them and  wish you happy blogging.