When we are in blogging field, we always wanted to learn how the SEO works? What are the basic rules for blogging? How to choose perfect keyword for our blog post? How to rank in Google pages? etc etc. But today, we came here with the another mind blowing article that is 150+ Catchy Words that Captivate Readers Attention In 2022- 2023. Well in this post, we describe the whole scenario of writing a post and what kind of keywords you have to choose for your post.

People loving those articles which are in easy language and up to the mark. Heavy words, difficult language, bulky keywords are not the choice of readers. In this post we share some eye-catching keywords which you should surely use in your articles.

Before we jump into the whole post, let me tell you the importance of Captivate eye-catching words. Also don't forget to share this article on your social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Twitter etc.

Importance of Eye-Catchy Words

We always look for best article and search them on other famous blogs. We always wonder how these famous bloggers use eye-catchy keywords in their post. Being a blogger, we always roaming on famous websites for searching keywords because we know Google catch the words and ranked them on their pages. According to me, most of the experts bloggers use words so beautifully that we focus on the context rather than the reason for using those words.

Eye- catchy words are always attractive and simple that's why it attracts the readers and force them to read the full post with full of dedication.

Now without wasting much time, let's just focus on the entire post. Now we will tell you what are the different types of eye-catchy words that you can also use in the article. And also let's find out that why these bloggers use these kind of words.

Reasons Why Bloggers Should Use Eye-Catchy Words

Emphasize on the Point

Being a blogger, we choose only eye-catchy words just to enhance the depth of the post. Our article should be on point that hits the readers attention and force them to read. The ultimate goal to to convey the message with clarity. That clarity should be their and that's only you can win the emphasize.

Engage the Audience

Engage the audience refers to grab your visitors, readers and enhance their excitement level with your post. Never disappointment your readers. Eye-catchy words lead to excitement and engagement through your article. If you really want to convert your readers into permanent customer for your site then always choose eye-catching words.


Yes, it's true. If you using strong keywords for your article, by default it will increase your site stats. We all know that statistics are play a vital role in the field of blogging. And we also know that if clarity is not there then your article is just nothing for the readers. The keywords you use in your post, it should be clear and up to the mark.

Psychological Power

Yes! it's true that some words has the power of attraction. Some words can easily enhance the interest of readers. Some words has the communication power and they force the readers to listen to your point.

Catchy Words that Captivate Readers Attention

Below we have mentioned the top most used keywords for the preparation of article. Being a blogger, I know the importance of keywords and their intensity. So try to encapsulate these words in your post also.

You can consider these words as happiness words, emotional words, educational words, secret- shocking words, fear words etc. Next time whenever you want to write a post for your blog, just go through with this article and include these keywords in your blog-post.

Most Persuasive Words to Use in Title of Blog Post


Yes, the word "complete" is the perfect word if you use it in your title. If you use it then it is understandable that you provide a complete guide to your readers.


This is the most used persuasive now a days. Blogger use this word just to provide step by step guidance to their audience. People believe that you offer a complete guidance to use any product.


100% means that you provide the full guarantee regarding any project or product. If you offer something 100% that's mean you provide full assurance to your readers.


If user gets guarantee regarding any product then it obvious that they trust you fully. And if you use guarantee word in your title then user thinks that you offer full preference about the product.


It is worth using word for your title. People believe that you give a brief introduction and its worth paying attention to it. Also it include to the point sentence which they think time saving & worthful.


It is similar to word 'complete'. The word comprehensive refers to full and complete guidance about the product.


The most used and favorite word of every single person. I mean who doesn't like the free product or information. Free word has its own attraction. People also love the product which is free of cost. So if you used word free then it attracts the readers easily.


So what did you learn from this post. We didn't force you to use only these words but we assure you that if you choose these words then surely your readers and visitors are increased. This article is all about 150+ Catchy Words that Captivate Readers Attention In 2022-2023. 

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