In our previous post, we have written on Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques 2014. And now we are present with an new post that is relate with Top 10 ON page SEO optimization techniques in 2014. Hope you like this post. ON page SEO techniques are very important because first of all it is used to boost the blog to get a better a Google p age rank, also it target the long tail keywords, through this your blog will get easily an top ranking in Google and Bing search engines, and it is used to make your website and posts SEO friendly

10 Best ON Page SEO Optimization Techniques

1)  Relevant Title

title of the post
Title is the first step and one of the relevant technique for the promotion of your post. The title must be attractive, creative and fresh. If your post title is attractive than automatically it attracts the readers and visitors. Always choose trendy topics for your blog.

2)  Use Targeted Keywords

Keywords play an vital role in the field of blogging. Always choose targeted keywords for your blog. If you are planning to write an quality article but without using or repeating keywords in relation with blog niche or particular article, then it’s just a waste of time. We have to maintain the level of keyword density.

3)  Optimized URL’s And Permalink

It is an important On page SEO technique. Permalink play an vital role in the field of blogging. If you write an post and want that it will rank on first page of Google search than you have to include all the relevant targeted keywords and also optimized the URL’s and fill the permalink of the post because it will indexed by the Google search engine. It’s better to customize your blog or site URL instead of generating random permalink.

4)  Meta Description

Meta description is always an effective method if you want  that your blog post is spread widely. Meta description is used by search engine when people find your post in Google searches. Try to write 60-100 words description of your blog post. Put targeted keywords in your meta description.

5)  Header Tags

header tags
Header tags include H1, H2, H3 and so on. These tags are give to present your article in a better way. You have to use H1 tag only once. Tags are given to only sub titles of the post. Through this the post looks attractive and easily convey the message to readers. Do not repeat H2, H3 tags again and again with same keyword, it may considered as negative SEO practice according to Matt Cutts.

6)  Update Post Regularly

You have to update your post regularly because if you don’t do this than may be you will loose your readers and visitors. Updating is necessary in the field of blogging. Try to write 2-3 posts regularly on your blog or site. Your reader will always waiting for a new post so you have to write it.

7)  LSI Keywords

lsi keywords
LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. Always encapsulate your post with targeted keywords. You should do a proper keyword research than write an blog post.

8)  Optimized Images In Your Post

Images are very important part of any article. You have to put 2-3 image in your post. Sometime an picture say all rather than words. Don’t forget to give an ALT Tags to your image. It will increase your traffic.

9)  Post Lengthcontent is king

Length matters a lot! Your article must be upto 800-1000 words long. Do not write a short story because it only creates misunderstandings and confusions. Never write an post which is less than 400 words. Try to write an post which provide an satisfaction level.

10)  Keywords In Bold, Italic or Underlined

Your post must include some targeted words which you should be kept bold, underline or italic. Through this your post looks attractive and creative. Also it attracts readers and visitors. Use this pattern to highlight the important keywords and phrases in your blog post.