Top 10+ Most Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords- 2014
Well, today's post are really an impressive one. Everyone wants to make money through their business. People love to make money without doing any hard efforts. This post is basically for newbie bloggers who want to start their career as a blogger. But doesn't know much about this field.

As we know that if you want to create an blog or website than you first open an website and blog and buy a domain, also give a name to your blog. After that choose a keyword which is suitable for your career. If you want to search out for highest ranking keyword than you are at right place.

Here i present you a list which is focusing on the 20 best and most expensive keywords in Google adwords. These Google Adwords price is calculated based on different facts measured by quality and quantity.

Expensive Keywords in Google Adwords

  • Insurance (It is approximate A$16.00 per click in Australia) 
  • Attorney
  • Trading 
  • Credit 
  • Mortgage (It is approximate A$9.00 per click in Australia) 
  • Software
  • Lawyer 
  • Classes
  • Donate 
  • Loans (It is approximate A$12.00 per click in Australia) 
  • Degree
  • Cord Blood 
  • Hosting 
  • Treatment
  • Claim 
If you are a struggler blogger and want to be in the market than you have to do lots of efforts. As we all know that competition in market is increasing day by day so every blogger need to modify the site design and its layout. Also you need to consider on some facts which i mention below that is,
  1. Be Relevant
  2. Quality Matters
  3. Targeted Keywords
  4. Be Specific
All Done..