How many types of customers are there in a marketing field?
How will we deal with them?
How can we choose right customer for our product?

Well, these all are the questions which are always comes in our mind whenever we deal with customers in marketing or affiliate field. That's why today, we are decided to write an unique post in which we will discuss about what are the different kinds of customers in marketing field and how to deal with them. There are almost 60% of clients which choose your competitors over you. Because they provide products in cheaper rate and satisfied them in any case. 

Every human being reacts in a different manner. May be two person thinks same but their reactions, action, feelings, emotions are different. It is hard to believe that what customers needs and what they want. So what are we waiting for? Read the full post and come upon a conclusion that how many types of customers are in marketing field and how to deal with them. Also, share this post on your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Instagram etc.

Different Types of Customers and How to Approach Them 

Keep in your mind that every single person having different state of mind, different perspective and different personalities. You have to spend some time with your customers, just do have a conversation with them, make them feel bit comfortable and then try to grab information about what kind of product they want. Also, you can send some website URL so that they can travel through out your products. 

One thing, it is studied that 45% of customers leave a brand in a mid way because of its bad experience. So you have to deal with every customer in a positive way. Never try to treat your all customer in a same way. Always have a healthy conversation with them and try to heal their inner thoughts like what they want and what they are prefer to buy from your service.

Also you all need to understand the phases of a customer journey to better serve them and provide value at each step of the way. So let’s find out how you can approach different types of customers and clients. Read the below points. I am sure you all will love this post and do share on your profiles !!

Active Users

Active users are actively take parts in your services and giveaways. They enjoyed your products and services but they are not the loyal customers. Once they got an attractive opportunity from your competitor, they likely to switch. They are always ready to grab the opportunity in which they got something beneficial. 

New Customers or Clients

We are always welcome our new customers and friends. Try to catch the opportunity. Once they are in control then you can easily manipulate them. Try to offer your best services to them. Newbie's customers are trying to understand the market strategies and products, so always choose your customer wisely.


These are the kind of customer/clients who doesn't switch the product easily. Also they are inactive while changing the products and brands. Once they liked the product then they will become your permanent clients. 


Researchers customers are mind persons, they already knew about your products and services. They compared your products from your competitors. So don't act over-smart with them. They do research on your site product and services you offered.


They are the customers who are very much satisfied with the products. They are the loyal ones. Also if they are satisfied they will come again and joined your services. And you have to bookmark these types of clients.

Discount Customers

Discount customers are always the choosy one. They try to convince you to give some discount on the product. They choose the product which shows some discount price. They are the tricky one but you can handle them via showing some discount on your product.


Lookers customers are very much active persons because they don't just show the interest although they look the same products on your competitors side. Later, they compared the price and the services then they decide further. 

Impulse Customer

These types of customers doesn't decide and planned the product and item at once. They just roaming around the product and once they decided they just purchase it at a sudden moment. We cannot predict what they want and we doesn't know how going to they change their mind and thoughts. They are impulsive in nature. 

Unhappy Customers

Unhappy customers are never happy or satisfied. They purchase the product but they are not happy with them. These are the tricky customers to handle. So many people are roaming around us who never satisfied with anything. I guess they are moody. Out of 10 they are satisfied on any 3 or 4 things. Owners has to do lots of efforts to make them happy or satisfied. 

Risk Taker Customer

Personally I loved these kinds of persons who takes risk in their life. These person took the risk and bear the situation. They can use the product even if they doesn't know much about it. Teenagers are very much involve in risk part. They enjoying while taking risks. 

Referral Customers

These kind of customers are those who have been referred to your brand or services by one of your loyal customers. So it’s highly possible chance that they know very little about your products. When we use social media networks then their are so many companies uses referral codes and also in shopping sites they use refer codes and offer some discount. 

Final Words

So guys, I hope you got to know how many different kinds of customers and clients are revolving around the world wide. Whenever you think of something nice and try to build your business then always remember what kind of customers you have to deal with them. 

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