traffic without relying on google As we all know that traffic is must for any blog or website. Without traffic your site doesn't succeed any more. If your site and blog doesn't get huge traffic, audience than it is not good for your blogging career. You have to make your blog popular and try to famous out worldwide. You can promote and advertise your blog or site in many ways. Also if we talking about this post, in this post we have seen some interesting points via you can get traffic without relying on Google or other search engines. Have a look!


Ways To Get Traffic Without Relying On Google

1)  Quality Content

content is king As we all know that quality matters a lot, so you have to write only good quality articles. As we know that today's generation are always look for trendy topics and latest information. So you have to write only on that topic which have fresh materials because if you write on the article which is already written by others than it gives nothing. So, its better to be unique and creative.

2)  Know Your Audience

You have to know the taste of your audience. Why your blog famous? What kind of article you posted on it? How to attract audience? This is the question which is revolving in the mind of every blogger. MySpace, Multiple, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and now, Pinterest have heard great success by marketers. All of these networking sites are the methods to get traffic from effective marketing.

3)  Update Your Site Daily

You have to update your blog daily because if you do not update  and maintain your site than it is not good for your site or blog. Update regularly and keep posting always. Try to post 2-3 article daily on your blog. Also build some back links for your site. Balanced your alexa rank and try to get higher page rank. Updation and modification is must.

4)  Guest Blogging

guest-blogging Guest Blogging is the best option for increasing your blog traffic. Only you have to do just go through with some best and popular sites and apply for guest post. If they publish your content than you will get the backlink of that particular site and also get traffic.
This is an effective way to increase your blog traffic through leveraging other people’s traffic.

That’s all!!