Google Page Rank 10/10 Sites List - May 3′rd 2012

Google Page Rank 10/10 Sites List - May 3′rd 2012
As we all know that How page rank matters a lot for us. I know every one is just waiting for the next page rank update. Every blogger or webmaster waiting for the pagerank updation and want to get a high PR for their blog or website. But i think its too late now.

May be this time Google has skip to rolled out the page rank. But don't loose hope. Keep trying your hard work and surely you will get an page rank next time. Well, this time i would like to share an interesting post that is related with the Google PageRank 10/10 sites list. So lets have a look!

Google Page Rank 10/10 Sites List 

  Title                         PR              GBLs                 YBLs                                URL

US Government
Website                      10            20,900               9,625,682    

Adobe Reader 
Download                   10           141,000            31,073000

Adobe Flash 
Player                         10          141,000            19,090,000

United States 
Department of             10            9,750           2,308,721        
Health & Human 

Miibeian                     10           70,300          841,149,900

Social Book- 
marking Sharing
Button Widget            10         59,300        245,366,507

Europeana                 10          3,890           140,776 

Association                10        1500                 163,899          

Universitas 21           10          422                   205,325  

Twitter                      10         4590                 179,065          

United Nations          10         1830                   62,223            

Add This                   10         5442                         --          

All Done...

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