Top 5 Best Alternatives of Facebook
As we all know that Facebook is the leading and fastest growing social networking site. There are million of users who are join the Facebook and enjoy its features. It is used for communicate, chat, video chat and so on. There are more than 2.11 Billion users are available on Facebook. This post is related to the best alternatives of Facebook in 2013. If you want to join the Facebook than simply go to the site and sign up the process. Facebook is very much famous among youngsters. Even i am also addicted towards Facebook. It is the best method to stay connected with your friends and family. So without wasting any time lets, get to the point, below i have mentioned the best and top 5 Alternatives of Facebook.

Best 5 Facebook Alternatives- 2013


Twitter is also one of the famous and popular social networking site. Twitter is not as much famous in past years, but now it is equally famous and popular as others. Twitter is mostly used by the celeb. It allows the users to send and read the text messages up to 140 characters which is known as Tweets. An users also restrict to their messages which is only deliver to their followers. An person also subscribe to other user’s tweets which is known as following and the subscribers are called as followers.

Google Plus

Now the next turn is Google+, it is also the popular one site which is fastly spread the worldwide. It is an multinational social networking site which is owned and created by Google itself in 2001. Google+ is not very much famous in past years but now it is used by most of the users. With the help of Google plus you can share and post photos, videos, links etc. You can write any type of stuff and share on your Google profile with no limitations.


Linkedin is the famous and popular one site. LinkedIn launched and created in 2003. LinkedIn having more than 300 million users and members in 200 different countries.LinkedIn is the professional platform where you can upload your resume, photos, design your profile according to your work. It is used for business purpose. An user can apply for an job also.


It was founded by Media LLC and Justin Timberlake. It is an site which empasis the music. MySpace give the influence to the pop culture, music field. It also include the field of gaming.


Last but not the least, the last alternative of Facebook is Pinterest. With the help of Pinterest you can create and manage the theme-based image collections such as hobbies, events etc. An users can browse the images and also re-pin the images and pictures. The articles and content can be found outside the Pinterest and uploaded by a pinboard by Pin it button.

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