Top 5 Security Plugins for WordPress Blogs
As we know that WordPress has started in 2003. And if you want to increase the security of your WordPress blogs than you are at right place. Today i will publish an list of 5 best security plugins for WordPress blogs in 2013. You have to use these plugins for the protection of your WordPress blogs from malware and hackers.

Essential WordPress Security Plugins For 2013

1) WP Security Scan

WP Security Scan

It is used to scan your WordPress powered site in a efficient way. WP Security Scan checks your WordPress website/blog for security vulnerabilities. It suggests some corrective actions like-
  • Passwords.
  • File authentication/permissions.
  • Database security.
  • Version hiding.
  • WordPress admin protection.
  • Removes WP Generator META tag from core code.

2) Admin SSL Secure Plugin

Admin SSL Secure Plugin

Firstly you have to activate the plugin and than go to the admin SSL configure page to enable the SSL. Admin SSL secures the log in page, admin area, posts, pages etc. You have to update it each time. It works with private SSL. It having so many versions like WordPress 3.0 - 3.1.1, it protect specially from hackers.

3) WP-DB Manager

WP-DB Manager

It provide so many features according to others. If you use this plugin than it will allow you to optimized the database, also it repair, restore & backup the database. It supports the automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database.
It having some versions like-
WP-DBManager 2.40 For WordPress 2.7.x
WP-DBManager 2.31 For WordPress 2.1.x To 2.6.x
WP-DBManager 2.05 For WordPress 2.0.x
WP-DBManager 1.00 For WordPress 1.5.2

4) wpOptimix


It is not only a security plugin for WordPress, but it is also perform a countless functions and tasks for improving your WordPress blogs. It having some advanced features like:-
  • Malware Reputation Scanning. 
  • Secured Simplified Logins.
  • Robust Backup Automation. 
  • Powerful Firewall Protection. 
  • Brute force attack protection. 
  • File Monitoring and Restoring. 
  • Database Optimization.

5)  AntiVirus


Last but not the least, the last security plugin for WordPress blogs. By using this plugin you will protect your blog with malware and spam injections. The following features for Antivirus is 
  • Virus alert in the Admin Bar.
  • Cleaning up after plugin removal.
  • Scan email notifications.
  • Database tables and theme templates checks.
  • WordPress 3.x ready.
  • Whitelist solution.
  • Manual check of template files.
  • Google Safe Browsing for malware.
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