How to Get Your Website/Blog Indexed by Google
As we all know that blogging is not as much easy as we see, it needs lots of hard work and good luck. According to me, i relate blog and website with my future investment. Every one wants to earn money in a simple way but no one is ready to do any hard work. You can start your own blog and website just by few clicks. All you need good writing skills, presentation, knowledge of SEO and other articles. You can write posts and publish it on your site.
But we loose our hope when our articles is not indexed by Google. If it is not displayed on Google search pages than there is a disappointment inside. So today i would like to share some tips and techniques via you can indexed you website and blogs contents on Google Pages.

Ways To Get Blog Indexed By Google

1)  You can submit an sitemap to Google. All you need to sign into your Google webmaster tools, or sign up for a free membership. You need to go to Google Analytics and find the XML sitemap tool.

2)  Your website contain good articles and latest information which is very rare available on web.

3)  Do not copy the article from other blogs and websites otherwise it will called as spam and your site will be punished by Google.

4)  You can also submit your website and blog to Bing for extra credits.

5)  If you want to get some quick links than you have to create your profile on social media networking sites. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble, Google+ etc.

6)  Always publish those article in which your niche is all about. Do not publish random articles which don't have any link with your website niche.

7)  You have at-least more than 5 pages on your blog. It will make easier to indexed your blog in the search engine. It will show that you site is relatively good and popular among readers.

8)  Try to get some backlinks from other sites which having good alexa rank and high page rank. Backlinks are very important, you can comments on other blogs and also do guest posting.

9)  You can resubmit your website map file every time you make changes to your website. By resubmitting, you can always tell Google about your changes. Consult the Google Site maps help for more information of how to do this.

10)  I hope all points are ok with you all. And if you amend yourself on these points than really your blog and website would be noticed and indexed by Google.

That's it!