6 Sites To Track Site Traffic, Popularity
Hey! This post is related to how to track your website traffic, popularity, statistics. When you search the web, you might find a really awesome website. There are so many ways to check your site stats etc. One of the most important things, as a webmaster, should do is to monitor your web traffic.

Statistics tracking program is a invaluable to your growth on the web. It can supply you with invaluable information that will help you improve your stats, traffic. So without much a do lets start and focus on this post, lets see the top 6 online sites which help you to check your site traffic and its popularity and statistics.

6 Websites to Track A Website’s Traffic

1)  Alexa
It is one of my favorite site. Usually i checked my site stats regularly on it. Alexa is owned by Amazon. You can just open this site and write your site name over there and click on "GO" button.
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2)  SearchStatus 

If you are working with adsense or adwords then you should sign up for this free tool. It has some nice tie-ins with adsense/adwords. It is totally free of cost.

4)  AWStats 

5)  StatsAholic 
This is one of the best and useful site to check site traffic. You should visit Statsaholic site, where fellows over there offer data and graphs, which are generously provided by Compete and Quantcast. Enter up to 3 domain names and compare. 

6)  Pinterest Analytics
Pinterest Analytics

That's it!