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Top 10 Earning Websites- 2014

There are so many websites in the year of 2014 whose total earning per second has increasing day by day. Earning websites usually paid highest amount. This list contain only those websites whose earning is depend on per second. They usually get amount(annual revenue) at least per second. Previously i have published an article which is mainly focus on 10 Websites you wish to join for making money online. Below there is a table which shows the relationship of different- different websites on the basis of Rank, Founders, Revenue. I hope with the help of this table i am able to clarify your all doubts regarding any website. Lets have a quick look!!

10 Tips To Improve Your Google Search Engine Ranking

When we see, our website become famous day by day then automatically smile comes on our face. People and many bloggers usually saw their website/blog Alexa ranks on .  Search engine optimization(SEO) is the practice of making your site as accessible as possible to both search engines and readers. SEO means makes your content or we can say article search engine friendly. As we all know Google is that place where many peoples visit every seconds and do searching. Search engines utilize an method/algorithm to determine where a website ranks and stand. The search engines have set up specific criteria that a website must meet to get to the top of the ranking list. The criteria are different for every engine, but all engines share several commonalities. If you really want to improve your blog/website ranking then you must follow these simple steps. And keep enjoying and boosting your ranking and drive targeted traffic.

10 Websites You Wish to Join for Making Money Online

Hey friends, I hope you all enjoying every single article related to making money online. Ya ya! I know you think that why I am considering only money article. But my friends this is true, people love to read those articles which are related to money purpose. That's why I have made an site which is related to making money. My previous article is Top 10 ways of earning money online-201 4 . Well, I think we must focus on our article Lol! So today I would like to share an article in which we are going to discussing the top websites names which is related to earning money. As we all know that our world becoming viral day by day. And everyone is busy according to their schedules to earn money, fem, luxurious life etc. Todays generation never miss a single chance to earn money online on internet. I think only the blogging (blog) career is the best option for making money online. People consider an online earning method to be either associated with blogging or freelancing etc. Here ar

Top 10 Ways Of Earning Money Online In 2014

Money! the word which we use in our daily life, isn't it! Well, if we talking about now a days, then more than 95% of people always ready to earn money in any way. As you know this site is basically based on making money, so when it comes on online making money then I am sure every one is crazy and they always ready to make money by hook or by crook. Specially new generation and youngsters have an deadly passion of making money online. The ever rising cost of living commodities and luxuries, more and more people are finding themselves working over-time for some extra salary, looking for jobs, working part-time to cover their expenses. So with the help of this article/post I would like to share some ways by which you can easily earn money online. And if we talking about 2014 then these ways are most popular and many people followed these ways and earn a handsome money. Many of the bloggers are making money with their blogs. Creating an blog is easy like creating an Facebook prof

Top 10 Richest People of World- 2014

Money ! The word which having an power of doing anything in this world. Becoming an celebrity or we can say becoming an richest one is the dream of every person. According to the Forbes we having an list of top 10 richest people of 2014. This list is prepare every year on the basis of latest survey. Forbes evaluates billionaires stakes in public and private companies, their real estate, yachts, planes, car collections, art, jewelry and other assets.  There is always an unknown facts and figures/things behind every successful man. People love to find some new and innovative ideas by which they can earn money. It’s a fact that everyone works for money, with the help of money they can handle up their life. They want to live their luxury life like an celebrity. Coming to this article lets see who is in the list of richest personality of 2014. Lets have look of them :

Job Seekers: Beware These Social Media Traps

Hello! I hope you guys are all enjoyed my previous articles. And now I would like to share an interesting one article which is based on how the social media sites traps all job seekers. Everyone knows that how social media is helpful in every field. But do you know these social media sites also traps sometime, so be beware! Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, StumbleUpon, MySpace and many more. Moreover people love to find jobs on internet specially on various job sites. Whenever we going for an interview, everybody knows that “First impressions are everything”, but sometimes they creep up on you. There is an info graphic of tips for using social media to make first impressions — and included a few things every job seeker should avoid. Have a look!!