Importance of Social Media in the Eyes of GoogleSocial media! isn't it the most excited word because whenever we heard any social media sit, automatically a cute smile on our face and always curious to check our account(ID). Social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, StumbleUpon, MySpace and many more. We share our thoughts, views, pics, comments, videos, profile information etc through these websites or services. It is also helpful for the promotion of our blog/website. Social media brings up traffic, SEO, exposure to our updates and many more utilities. This lead to the development of a healthy and wealthy social community. Social media helps us to connect with our friends, even a unknown friend also, communities and groups online. One of best social media website is Facebook. It is ranked at No.2 according to Alexa Rank. Google search is very beneficial for the Social media marketing. we can also utilize Google social search for our business purposes.

Couple of facts and figures on social media

1.  Over 100 lakhs of Websites on it.
2.  More than 1000 billion of users on it.

Top 5 Websites of Social media

1.  Facebook
2.  Twitter
3.  Google+
4.  YouTube
5.  LinkedIn
6.  StumbleUpon

My Top 6 Reasons of joining Social media

1.  Everybody is doing it.
2.  For fun!
3.  For Promotion.
4.  Be celebrity.
5.  Develop Networks.
6.  Grow your social community.

Moral of the story

Never miss any connection from any social media services. Create your a/c on any social media website. And don’t forget to like Earning Methods Facebook page Here.

That’s it!!