Top 10 Athletes to watch in London Olympics 2012Olympics craze is increasing day by day, become an celebrity is the dream of everyone. Everyone want that luxury life and enjoy rest of the life in the dream of stardom. People want to live like an star, celeb. To become an rich is the dream of every people. But as you all know, there is no shortcut, you have to work hard. Moreover now a days we all know that Olympics are held in London, and every one getting excited day by day. The whole world has their eyes fixed on the mega event. My previous article related to London Olympics are 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.
There are so many athletes in this London Olympics 2012. And every athlete having an passion and spirit to win the medal/trophy.  There is a long list where every people having an different opinion against every athlete. With the help of this post i would like to share top 10 athletes to watch in London Olympics 2012.

10 Athletes to watch in London Olympics 2012

1)  Chris Hoy

Chris Hoy
The competition is becoming tuff day by day, but Chris hoy worked hard to maintain his position in the field of cycling. He is the most hard worker man and live their life as a star in the stardom industry. He is richest athlete who won 3 gold medals against his name which he won in Beijing 2008 Olympics. He is the king of cycling. British has given the honour of holding the British flag in opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics.

2)  Alvaro Martin

Alvaro Martin
He is pretty young player in the field of athlete. Martin is the winner of junior race walk recently and is the record holder in Spanish 20 kilometres category in Lugano. He won so many medals and also won a title this month.

3)  Shawn Johnson

Shawn Johnson
She is also an pretty young girl who love to play gymnastics. She belongs to USA. She has won one gold and 3 silver medals from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She shocked the world in Beijing by winning the balance beam. She has a flexible body and accept every kind of techniques.

4)  Didac Salas

Didac Salas
He is recorded as one of famous guy or we can say an good athlete who can able to break any kind of record. He is the man of long jump. Didac is the holder of national record which was set in junior category this year. His current best is 5.42 meters. He has a dream to break or we can say achieve the target of a jump over 6 meters. Didac salas is an 19 year old boy who belongs to Spain.

5)  Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang
In 2012 London Olympics he left his Chinese home crow with tears when he had to stop his 110 Hurdles race due to an unfortunate tendon injury. He has collecting so many medal's for Beijing. If he is free from his injury then he can able to increase his chances to win the trophy in London Olympics.

6)  Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps
He belong to USA. Michael is the master player of swimming. Michael Phelps has been so successful with record breaking results in swimming competitions during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He competes 7 swimming events this year.

7)  Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal
How can we forget the game “Tennis”. Even i love tennis, it is one of my favourite sport game. Rafael Nadal is definitely the top-favourite athlete in Tennis to watch in this mega event. This Spanish superstar is the winner of gold medal in last Olympics of Beijing, held in 2008. He is marvellous in the field of tennis.

8)  Tyson Gay

Tyson Gay
Tyson gay is an famous athlete who breaks so many records and achieve so many medals and awards during Olympics. During Olympics in 2007 when he attracted media attention by winning 100 meters and 200 meters races and became the World Champion. He is also able to accomplish so many records in his life.

9)  Christine Ohuruogu

Christine Ohuruogu
Christine Ohuruogu is known as the third fastest woman in the world in the 400 meters category. She is listed at the No.9 position. She achieved so many targeted awards and developed/maintained her position in every Olympics. She won 400-meter gold medal in Beijing 2008 Olympics with record 49.62 seconds.

10)  Rebecca Adlington

Rebecca Adlington
Last but not the least, she is Rebecca Adlington who is participated in the 2012 London Olympics. She has a adorable smile. She is the master player of swimming and won so many awards for this. Won 800 as well as 400 freestyle swimming competition in the last Olympics. She set a new World Record for her win in 800-meter freestyle swimming category which was 8 minutes 14.1 sec.