Make Money BloggingHey guys! Every article which relates to money are famous within some minutes and contain huge readers/visitors. Every person has a dream to earn huge amount of money at a very short time. In this world people are having money minded minds and always ready to earn money. Do you know How to make Money via Blogging? if not, then after reading this article only, you will able to rock the world with Dollars. If you think you can make money via simple and unorganized blog then my friend you are wrong, instead of all these you can make money with that blog who have good Quality content, Alexa rank, page rank, and moreover huge amount of visitors.
Millions of bloggers are making money from the comfort of their very home and the fact is that their part time work is now their profession. Making money is little bit difficult for newbie/ new bloggers but i am quite sure if they work hard with patience, one day will come when they get huge success. In this post, we are going to learn Maximum ways of monetizing your blog with top companies of all time.

Top 5 Ways of Making Online Money with Blogs :

1. Advertising

AdvertisingIt is further divided into 3 major parts-
(a) Image/Video Ads- Google AdSense, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Tribal fusion etc..
(b) Text Links Ads- Infolinks, Kontera, Text Link Ads etc..
(c) Slider and Pop up Ads- Bidvertiser, Clicksor etc..
First point is “Advertising”. Advertising means the way you present. You can do every possible step to advertise your ads, present it in a attractive way by which customers are attracts towards it. Bloggers are the publishers and they display the ads of Advertisers by which they generate their own Revenue. All you have to sign up at their official websites and display their ad codes at your blogs. Google AdSense is one of the highest paid company. They pay through check, wire at minimum threshold of $100 and calculates the persons revenue via the criteria of PPC (Pay Per Click).

2. Direct Advertising

Direct AdvertisingIt simply means Private Ad sales of your blog. It can be done by you and companies also. Let me explain :
Method (a). All you have to make a Advertising Page on your blog with proper information, stats, Rank, Social media and types of Ads size accepted with payments per month. Once any visitor wants to advertise his/her ads on your blog, he/she simply contact you via your Email address provided at the Advertising page and accept his/her banner Ads with payments and then just start displaying sponsored ads of him.
Method (b). This method is known as automatically selling of your Ad slots on your blog. It can be done with the popular companies like Buy Sell Ads, Adsella, Puxee, Advertising Space etc..

3. Affiliating Ads

It means Cost per action, You earn an affiliate commission based on the action of the user. All you have to join any website affiliate program and then choose their products which you want to display on your blog by inserting proper HTML codes into your blog. Now just start earning commissions when anyone buys that company products from your blog. One of the popular companies in that field are Amazon associates.

4. Sell your own Products at your blog by creating it

Sell your own Products at your blog by creating itYou can also sell your products at your own blog or website. First create your own product, for ex- eBook. Now you have successfully writed the content in pdf format, just upload to any of the file sharing site and don’t forgot to contact with popular companies like PayPal, Plimus for selling your product also.

5. Be a part time Freelancer Writer and do jobs at another blogs

Freelancer WriterLast but not the least, Freelancer is one of the best job in the world of internet. A freelancer can write post on latest information and submit their articles on other website as a guest post. You can earn a handsome money by this. All you have to create your own accounts at some freelancing websites like Elance, Freelancer and many more, now fill up all your required information related to your name, contact number, address, description, website(if any) etc. and start getting jobs from others when they like your portfolio. Once you have successfully completed their jobs, you will get paid. PS: Your website/blog will be your biggest resume ever at jobs.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed it very much…