Increase blog readersHello friends, Building an website/ blog is easy but to maintain it, is difficult. People made blog but when they doesn’t get traffic, a little bit depression reflects on their face. So this time I would like to tell how to get subscriber an boost your blog readers. In your blogging career, you get as many visitors but less loyal blog readers. The success of a blog depends upon its readers that how they grow the social community.
A true bloggist or web owner should always first gain respect among their readers not money. Every blogger wants to see huge no. of subscribers to his/her blog. According to me, blog readers are your students and its your duty to help them at any cost as they make blog alive and monetized. Therefore, below are some tips for increasing your blog readers in short period of time.

How to Boost up your Readers/Subscriber:

1)  Write unique and quality post (more than 300-500 words). If you really want to increase your visitors or we can say blog readers than you have to write quality content and make sure it is not too lengthy nor too short.

2)  Make it easy to subscribe- Now You've got great content, So why not you make it easy to subscribe your blog posts via feeds to blog readers. Make sure your subscription link is positioned in a highly visible location on every page in your blog. The top of the page is a great place for your subscription icon. You may also want to put a subscription link below your blog posts.

3)  Ask or Force your readers to subscribe- You can also place an popup subscription box to your blogs. You can also take help from social media. As we all know social media like Facebook, twitter, are one of the great source to raise our blog traffic. You can force your friends to subscribe to your blog.

4)  Create a dedicated and beautiful subscription widget- It should include all other useful social media stats and information like Facebook Likes, Twitter followers etc..

5)  Promote Your Blog's Popularity by Showing the Number of Subscribers (show only if you have large number of subscribers), by this it reflects an good symbol that your blog have a good reputation in the blogging area.

6)  Offer a gift, eBook or something like that when they Subscribe to your blog. If you offering some gifts people really want to subscribe, but make sure you have an quality gift otherwise you will loose your traffic.

7)  Use landing Pages and signature marks-  Making beautiful Landing pages makes an first impression towards your visitors to subscribe. for ex- Facebook landing pages. And also don’t forgot to give your signature along with your blog feeds/feedburner when you email anyone.

8)  Always tell your visitors about the other Subscribing Benefits and make killer About me pages. About me page is the first impression of any blog/website. You can also you one picture because an pic always gives attractive look. Be honest with this page.

9)  Use right words to connect through your blog.

10)  Comment on other blogs, because commenting is a very easy method to increase your blog visitors. Comments on those blog whose have good page rank. It will give you a Backlink. You can also post in Forums. You can also do guest posting are some other tips to increase your blog readers/visitors wisely.
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