Top 10 Reasons Why People BlogThe most loveable thing in the internet world is blogging, isn’t it! People should love blogging, even i love too. When i am free i always collect information regarding famous topics. Today blogging have become an essential part and need of the most part of generation worldwide. There are so many reasons why people love blogging like some are curious about latest techniques, some are having a passion, for time pass people also love to wright articles. Ask any blogger why he/she blog, definitely you will get different and amazing answers.
Blogging has become so popular over the years and years  that it doesn’t surprise me that 85% that read this page tend to blog. So here are some simple reasons why people should love blogging/blog.

Reasons why people should love blog

1) The reason is “Passion”. Because if he or she blogging that means they having an passion of blogging and love blog. If people didn't blogging that means they do not like it but it has become a passion for many.

2) About blogging the most loveable thing is that we share our knowledge and information with others. So blogging fits perfectly in the picture for sharing with others.

3) It elaborate our self for becoming an expert. Blogging can help legitimize your expertise and expand your online presence and platform.

4) Bloggers usually blog on sites that allow AdSense ads, affiliate ads and banners, or redirect links to online stores or businesses. This provides opportunity for blogging income.

5) Blogging allows socialization and a sense of community.

6) Best place for freelancer writers. It become time pass place for them. And obvious get knowledge.

7) Bloggers blog as a means of reaching out to others, serving readers and other bloggers through their blog posts and comments.

8) Its become your new resume.

9) It improve your skills and knowledge and you are always upto date with latest news.

10) Blogging offers a creative outlet, and it can allow bloggers to write or vent with a certain amount of anonymity.