Top 10 Emotional Pictures in the WorldHey guys!! I hope you all liked my previous articles. But this time i have written on this unique post. This time i would like to share an deepest emotions ever in this world. In todays generation i think 85% people are truly having an emotional nature. Even sometime i also become so touched with so many things. An human being having different-different nature. Every picture has its unique story.
A picture is generally not a snapshot, but a composed image of a person in a still position. In Emotional Portrait Photography, the focused area is face of the person, although the entire body and other objects are also included in the portrait. So here are the list of some emotional or we can say touched pictures ever in the world. Please have a look!!

Top 10 Emotional Pictures in the World-

1) Lonely Life

lonely life

2) Tears comes in eye

Tears comes in eye

3) Lost Love

lost love

4) Hoping for tomorrow

Hoping For Tomorrow

5) Baby smile

baby smile

6) Darkness


7) Hurt


8) Lost everything

lost everything

9) Happiness


10) Poverty

In the end i would like to say that emotional portrait photography is one of the fine creativity on photography in which photographer clicks the picture by means of the likeness, personality, mood of the person etc., in which facial expressions are the prior aspects.