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[Top 10] The Best Competitor Analysis Tools For 2022

 When we are in business field or any marketing field then we always looking for our competitors. We always wanted to know what are the new strategies adopted by our competitors? What are their new plans? How they grow their business in market? What new techniques are they adopted? So these all are the questions which are roaming around our mind. But why are you worried. Today in this post we will discuss the top 10 competitor analysis tool for 2022-23. 

Being a blogger, I am always finding out the best blogs and their content. We all are looking for best opportunity. If you are in any business field, or if you are a blogger then this article will help you out from your worries. We always wanted to know what are our competitors marketing strategies? Whether they use some policy? or they invest in some where? Whatever!

In this article we compare the best competitor analysis tools and these all are the best from each other. We will discuss their SEO performance, Plan & pricing, Social Profiles, Insights, Track etc. You can use these services and enhance your business and marketing.

Do you find this post useful? Then what are we waiting for? Read the full post and leave your suggestions in the comment box.

1.) Semrush

The first one is Semrush. I know most of the people are already using its services. It is one of the trending analysis tool this year. You can easily analysis your SEO. It is also consider all in one digital marketing platform where most of the bloggers analyse their content, marketing tactics, social media, PPC etc. Semrush also used by the world'd biggest brands like Tesla, Samsung, Walmart. So you can estimate that how big analysis tool it is. You can also try out its free services but with limited access. The paid plan starts from $99.95/month. 

2.) Ahref's Site Explorer  

One of the advanced site in now a days. Ahref's site explorer is also my favorite analysis site. It will give you a brief detail about your competitor website whether its worth, traffic, SEO, keyword, backlink profile etc. As the name suggests, it will analysis the things in a deep way. Also it does not offer free trial. You have to pay $83 per month. 

3.) Serpstat 

It is on the number second position. Serpstat having more than 30 built-in digital marketing tools. You can easily analyse your competitor strategies. The main thing is that not only you can analyse the SEO traffic but you can also figure out whose your biggest and smallest rivals in the marketing field. Only you have to just visit the official site and enter your website URL in their domain analysis tool. You can also compare the different domains in three trials. The pricing are also reasonable and it starts from $45/month.

4.) BuzzSumo

If you are always worried about the content and what your competitors choice of article then no need to worry. Now, BuzzSumo will resolve the problem. Yes! it's true. BuzzSumo consider one of the best competitive analysis tool for content marketers. You can easily configure your rivals content strategy, topic ideas, analyze niche and much more. And the best thing is it offers 10 free searches per month. And the paid plan starts from $99/month.

5.) Social Status

If you are a social media lover then this tool is best for you. Social status is one of the best social media research tool. You can easily analyze your rivals social profiles and also check their data. Social Status tool work with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and you can easily check out the profiles of your rivals. You can check for which brands they are working with. It offers a free plan service for up-to 14 days. Yes you can operate it for 14 days at free of cost. The paid plan starts from $26 per month.

6.) SpyFu

The next is SpyFu. The name describes its worth itself. SpyFu is one of the best competitor research tool and it is fully loaded with built-in marketing tools. You can easily analyze powerful data, insights, historic data, backlinks checker etc. Backlinks are on of the major source from which your site are ranking so you can check your rivals backlinks list. SpyFu costs $33 per month which I guess not very costly. 

7.) Brand24 

Brand24 known as one of the best competitor social media analysis tool till this year. You easily learn about your rival social pages and how they collaborate with different brands. You can also keep the track of your competitor conversation with others. And the good thing is that if someone wants to spoil your online reputation then it will detect by Brand24 immediately. The pricing is start from $49 per month and you can billed yearly. 

8.) Sendible

Sendible is also one of the great social media marketing analysis tool. Most of the famous blogger used its services. You can increase your traffic, enhance your business and meet your social media goals easily. It offers many services like social media campaigns, scheduling tools, collaborations with brands, insights etc. Sendible provide 14-day free trial service for their customer. The paid plan starts from $25 per month. I guess it provide its services in affordable rates among other.

9.) Talkwalker Alerts

It is a free tool which is closest to Google Alerts in terms of its features. Talkwalker offers may services like it will monitor the web pages, news sites, different blogs/websites, forums, and even social media platforms. Also it will immediately send you alert notification on your email.

10.) Semrush Traffic Analytics

It is the part of Semrush. But as the name suggests Semrush traffic analytic will analyze your rival traffic detail and also figure out from where they grab traffic. Also, it present the whole scenario and chart of your rival traffic sources like average visit duration, bounce rate, backlinks etc. The pricing is starts from $99.95 per month. 

Final Words

Are you find this article useful? If yes, then don't forget to share this post with your fellow ones. So these all are the Top 10- The Best Competitor Analysis Tools For 2022. Also do commenting which is your personal favorite competitors analysis tool in 2022. If I miss your favorite tool then do share with us. I hope you all will like this post.

Happy Blogging!


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