If you are a beginner than this article will help you a lot. This article is all about Top 10 Website Performance Testing Tools to Use In 2022 [Handpicked list]. Blogging field is easy to choose but to maintain it for long time is quite difficult. It's your duty to maintain the blog/website traffic. As we are aware that traffic is must for the survival of any website. Without traffic, you won't be indexed on Google. Well this post include some unique fact via you able to figure out the speed of any blog or website. Nobody likes slow loading website.

If your site takes long time to open then it has a chance that reader will quit your website and shift to other one which means that your site lacks huge traffic. If you are a website owner, web developer, or eCommerce store owner, you need faster websites to increase your sales and conversions. We all know that sales are very much required for our website because we need financial support also. Earning will increase our motivational power to do blogging with full enthusiasm.

With the help of these tools, you can fix out the problems which you are facing while exploring your site. Also, you can figure out your site performance, bugs and analyze the site speed. So without wasting much time, let's read the full article and check out which are the top 10 Website Performance Testing Tools to Use In 2022. Keep sharing this article on your social media platforms.

Best FREE 10 Website Speed & Performance Test Tools (2022)

1. Pingdom SpeedTest

It is one of the best website testing site that is why it is ranked on number one. Pingdom speed test tool offers to test your site performance easily. It is flexible and easy to operate. You can check what are the requirements are necessary to build your site performance. It is extremely easy to use. You have to just visit the official site and put the URL of the website and select one of the seven locations. It offers more than 70 locations across the globe. Pingdom offers you to analyze the speed of your website and check the loading time. also you can check the size of the page and the number of requests. 

2. Gtmetrix

The next trustworthy tool is Gtmetrix. You are able to grab full detail of your site or blog. In short Gtmetrix provide you the detailed list of your site performance, page speed, timing and much more. Also it offers how to fix the bugs and issues of your site. The amazing thing is that you can run a test without signing up but you have to choose location Vancouver, Canada. But after the completion of signing up process you will get to choose your location, connection type etc. 

Gtmetrix speed test offers the overall page performance. Also you can check how much time is blocked by scripts during page loading. It provide servers in more than 22 different locations.

3. Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools is the perfect tool if you want to analyze your website performance in terms of page speed audit etc. The main thing is that it offers suggestions to improve the speed of your website or blog. The main things which you can look in Yellow Lab Tools are Image optimization, File resource, weight of pages, Oversized images etc. It provide the basic detail of your website. According to me, it is a wonderful tool which comes with a full package. You have to give it a try.

4. Site 24x7

Just like their name, it is available in full time. It is a full time speed tool. If you are a beginner then this tool is good for you. It is consider a free alternative of Pingdom. Also it offers different types of plans and packages start from $9/month. Also it has more than 100 plus testing locations. 

5. Web Performance Monitor

Unlike others, Web performance monitor is also an amazing speed checking tool. You have to give it a try. I am sure you will enjoy its features and services. It will provide the full report of your website. As the name suggests web performance monitor will examine our full website and provide the scores of your site. 

6. Dotcom

One of my best speed tool is Dotcom speed tool. It allow you to track the full detail of your site. It will provide the overall result scores, page loading time, response time and much more. The amazing thing is that it will provide the result and information regarding which device you are using to access the website. In short it will monitoring your site and its performance. Also it gives information if something negative is going to happen. 

7. Webpage Test

On number 7 position, the amazing speed tool is Webpage test tool kit. As the name suggests webpage test tool kit is famous for overall analysis of website performance and its scores. It will analysis every single page of your site. You can easily get the detailed result of your site. It is easy to access and available in number of locations.

8. Dareboost

Looking for the simplest one than Dareboost is the perfect tool for you. Only just visit the official site and paste the URL of your site. You can quickly run a website speed test and get a detailed analysis report for free using Dareboost speed tool. The main features of Dareboost is website quality analysis, mobile website test, speed monitoring, website speed test etc.

9. GiftOfSpeed

If you are really want to know how your website is working? What are the response time of each page. In short if you want to go in depth of your site than this speed tool is good for you. GiftOfSpeed is the perfect tool for a blogger. I am in love with its amazing features. It is available in different locations like USA, Canada, Germany, India etc. Only you have to just paste the URL of your site and click on 'Test Now' button. After that you will get the full detailed report. Isn't it simple!

10. KeyCDN

Last but not the least, KeyCDN offers multiple features to analyze the performance of site and blog. You should definitely give it a chance and try its features. It will offer the overall examination of your site. You can check out its amazing features collection also check its plans and package. You can easily operate its features and analyze the speed performance of website. Just visit the official site and paste the URL and click on button. It will provide the result instantly. 


So in the end, I would only say that this article will help you a lot. You have to scroll the full post to learn some wonderful tools for your site betterment. You all know that first impression is the last impression. So why are you wasting time? Go and check these amazing speed checking tool and fix the issues of your website. Don't forget to share this post with your family and friends. We are waiting for your valuable comments also.