MyUKMailbox Review: Ultimate UK Mail forwarding service
We have so many friends and relatives in our life. Some of them were lived in abroad countries. Even many of my friends lived in abroad. Sometimes they send some products but due to high rates in shipping, they are not able to deliver. But now when I introduce MyUKmailbox to them. They are very much happy with its services. With the help of this post, I would like to write about MyUKmailbox, so that more and more people will know about it. MyUKmailbox provide a platform or facility through which people mail their packages, products and items throughout the world.

It seems to be a systematically well-managed and secure resource with such a huge amount of positive reviews. It considered the best shipping site. No matter where you live we will get it there. You can send your UK mail or parcels/packages to and it will forward them to you anywhere in the world. So what are you waiting for. Visit the site as soon as possible and login as fast as you can. Do not forget to share it on your social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Stumble upon etc.

Introduction to MyUKMailbox

When we are talking about shipping services then the first name which comes in out mind is MyUKmailbox. It is one of the safe, reliable and affordable United Kingdom mail forwarding service. It provide a platform to users where they can deliver their parcels and products to anywhere in the world. The service of MyUKmailbox is safe, secure, fast and perfect. You can deliver your products at affordable prices. The services it includes are Fast shipping, Re-Invoicing, Supermarket Shopping, Excess Baggage, Scan and Email, Parcel consolidation & Repacking, Importing etc.

Check out this review and learn something innovative. Plus share your valuable comments and feedback in the commenting box below. You can also share your experience with MyUKmailbox. So without any time waste, check this honest review.

Services of MyUKMailbox

Parcel Forwarding

Parcel forwarding is one of the best and popular service which is given to customers & users throughout the world. The support team are experts in shipping worldwide process and they provide the surety and safety for each and every parcel that arrives at your UK street address. Safety and security is must while delivering any type of products.

Storage Space

MyUKmailbox offers a time period of 14 weeks and also it offers a premium for 45 days. Isn't it great! Any type of shipping can be done by MyUKmailbox. Do not worry for the storage fees. It provide free storage space for the standard plan customers.

Tracking Details

All the product items and parcels will be tracked first. They do their work professionally. No personal information will be leaked. DHL (global market leader in the logistics industry) is the preferable carrier and it will provide a tracking number so that it can track and identify your package/items every step of the way. 

MyUKMailbox Review: Ultimate UK Mail forwarding service

Photo Service

Personally, I love this features. Not every company offer this feature but you will get this service in MyUKmailbox. Photo service means whenever you get your parcel. A photo is attached with your parcel. You can check the high-resolution picture and match with your product. You can check whether the product is same or not. You can also able to view and check the picture as well as thumbnail in your user area.

Business Service

The business service of MyUKmailbox is very fast. They receive thousand of parcel and gift items from suppliers on a daily basis and then deliver to customers as soon as possible. Customer feedback is also positive and they are very much happy with their work. The professional members and dedicated team will handle this site. What are you waiting for, visit the website and become a member.

Online Mailbox Management

You can check your mails in your mailbox through Online Mailbox Management. All the items will be photographed, scanned properly, after that it will be delivered to your current location. You can also check and see the location where it dispatched, store, dimensions and product details.

How To Sign Up In MyUKMailbox?

- Visit the official website of MyUKmailbox (
- Click on signup button and the form is available in front of you.
- Fill the form carefully and put the genuine information related to you. You can become the member of MyUKmailbox only via filling the form.
- Read the instructions carefully.
- Fill the details like name, country, password, email etc. After that click on "Get UK address" button.
- The 3 different plans were shown in front of you. That is- 

Starter plan- No Monthly charges.
Basic plan- 14 Days Free Package
Premium plan- Offer 60% Total Shipping Discount 

- Signup process is free of cost. You can choose any type of plan. To become a member of MyUKmailbox is absolutely free.

Pricing Details

The pricing detail is the interesting concept. You can use the features but you have to sign up first. Once you become the member of MyUKmailbox then you can use its services. You can join to get up to 20% discount for shipping rates. The pricing is also affordable. It provides 3 types of plan, you can choose any of these according to your desire. The three main pricing and plans are-

Starter- For single shipment
Standard- For multi-piece purpose.
Premium- For business purpose.

It also offers an amazing feature known as Rate Calculator in which you can calculate your parcel weight and analyze it in a better way. If your product exceeds 70kg then you have to contact for support and check the rate and analyze your item and parcel.

Final Verdict

At last, I would only say that MyUKMailbox is one of the popular and leading site. It serves huge opportunity to their users. If you are living far away with your family and wants to send some gifts than without wasting time, go for MyUKmailbox. It was the amazing quick and easy service.
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According to my personal experience, you must go for MyUKmailbox. The support system is also very professional and up-to date plus cooperative. So what are you waiting for, login and enjoy its tremendous features and services.

Best of Luck!