Technology is growing very fast, web hosting become one of the best major tool for gaining success. When it comes to finding the best web hosting site in India, I personally recommend MilesWeb. This is an Indian based web hosting service provider and one of the best and popular one also. We all know that while starting any career in blogging field or whenever we launch a site, the very first thing is web hosting company. It is the duty of hosting company which ensures how your blog or website will work on their features, performance, and up-time. 

There are lot of web hosting service providers in India. In this article we would like to mention the best and popular rated VPS hosting in India. These hosting sites are the premium web hosting solution for site owners and businesses of all sizes. A user always looks for these features in hosting service like its reliability, flexibility, pricing, plans & packages. Here we discuss the best 5 rated VPS Hosting Provider in India

Comparison of Top 5 Best Rated VPS Hosting Provider in India


The firstly high rated VPS hosting site in India is MilesWeb. It is an Indian-based web hosting company with servers in the United States, UK, Romania, and India. It offers affordable web hosting packages for both Linux and Windows. MilesWeb focus on customer satisfaction, it is fast, reliable and also affordable. They value their customers. It is a trustworthy site which offers various plans and packages to their customers at cheaper price.

Basically MilesWeb offers free SSL, 99.95% uptime, free Spam Experts, free website builder tool, unlimited SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. They have multiple server locations throughout the world like United States, UK, Romania, and India.

MilesWeb Hosting

Various Features of MilesWeb are-

  • When your site and blog is hosted with MilesWeb, it offers maximum 99.95% uptime. 
  • It is fast, flexible, reliable and offers many plans at reasonable cost. 
  • Managed Hosting solutions for different websites and blog. 
  • Protects your site from any accidental damage. Provide full backup facility for future use. 
  • It offers 24x7x365 customer Support via Live Chat, Email & Phone service. You can contact the team whenever you need any help. 
  • It offers 30 days money back guarantee. 
  • It offers a unique feature of money back guarantee which means that you can cancel the service at any time and receive a refund for any unused portion of service you paid for. 
MilesWeb Linux VPS plans starts from Rs 455 per month and Windows VPS plan starts from Rs 1625 per month.


The next web hosting site is go4hosting. Go4Hosting launched in 2000 and consider one of the best and popular hosting service. It’s having number of location servers in India. It provide India VPS hosting, shared hosting, servers, data hosting and email hosting. It empower the website and blog with highly scalable and secured VPS platform. The server upload various files & folders, manage multiple domains, and smoothly perform different tasks.

Windows VPS hosting plan starting from INR 1781.81/ Month.
Linux VPS hosting plan starting from INR 1208.06/ Month
Top 5 Best Rated VPS Hosting Provider in India- 2016

The main features which Go4Hosting provide to the users are-

  • Eco friendly hosting solutions and well equipped data centers. 
  • Fast and reliable hosting solutions with 99.95% guaranteed uptime. Having robust cPanel and Plesk Add-ons. 
  • Offer High Bandwidth to manage their business. 
  • Expert and technical adviser available at 24*7 for helping out their customers. 


The next one is ZnetLive started in 2002, which provides great deals & discount to the customers. It has the latest and best Virtual Server (Linux Virtual Private Server and windows Virtual Private Server), Antivirus, Domain Registration, Reseller Hosting, Malware, Rootkits Scanning Tools to prevent hacking attempts. It has been an excellent service and support provider. Their servers are in various locations like United States and Singapore.
Top 5 Best Rated VPS Hosting Provider in India- 2016

Some great features of ZnetLive are-

  • It promise of providing 99.9% uptime to the sites. 
  • It provide full safety to your site and business. It does not include any corrupted and unwanted material. ZnetLive offers full reliability to their users. 
  • Offers 45 days of money back policy. You can purchase the products via online or offline mode. 
  • The control panel is very smooth. The control panel is powered by the well known and proven software, cPanel. 


An amazing and wonderful web hosting service provider in India. Number of users were attached with Bigrock. Bigrock basically known for domain then hosting. The amazing thing is that with every domain, they will provide 2 emails account free. The most important thing of Bigrock is that, it provide domain name registration, Linux hosting, WordPress hosting, website hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting and more. BigRock domain is always starts at Rs 99 per year. You have to give it a try. I am sure you will learn something new and innovative.
Top 5 Best Rated VPS Hosting Provider in India- 2016

It offers so many features like-

  • Offers 99.9% Uptime 
  • Full enterprise Level Storage 
  • Reliable, flexible and fully customer support. 
  • Advanced infrastructure and compatible ecommerce dedicated IPs. 
  • Fully Managed and scalable VPS hosting. 
  • The payment options via debit cards and net banking. 
  • It provides world class service to their users. 
It is very vast and best web hosting company in India. Thousands of users daily buy domains for their site and business. It also offers various value-added services.


Last but not the least, the next web hosting company is GoDaddy. I think it does not require any introduction. It is widely spread all over the world. One of the best and popular domain registrar, even it is advertise on TV and videos. Whenever you open any web page there is a possible chance that you will find GoDaddy advertisement over there. GoDaddy offers various hosting services like Linux, windows and products like web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated servers. Its price starts at Rs 199 per month. It offers a cheap and affordable price rate. The customer support service is also available 24*7 to help their readers and users queries.
Top 5 Best Rated VPS Hosting Provider in India- 2016
  • More than 14 million customers around the world are attached with GoDaddy. 
  • Some of the main features of GoDaddy are- 
  • Running all over the way with a standard quality control panel. 
  • Prevent your site from outsiders and malware effect. 
  • Take care of patching, security monitoring and offers backups facility to their customers. 


So in the end, I would only say that these are the best and popular Web Hosting Provider in India. So you can choose any of them. These are the world class VPS hosting companies of 2016.
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