Managed Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting- M3Server Review

If you are working on internet field then web hosting play a vital role and you know that, isn't it! Web hosting act as a backbone of any blog or web hosting. So whenever you want to create a blog or site, always look for awesomeness hosting sites. In the field of internet, there are thousands of web hosting services are available and one of the best and popular one is M3Server. It was started in 1996. Its data centers including California, Utah, Missouri, Melbourne, Virginia, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Strasburgh and London. It provides a 100% uptime, also considered a great hosting server. M3Server provide a platform to the users where they get full satisfaction and a vast platform for their website and blog. It is a United States- based hosting company. The company having a positive relationship with their customers and users.

This was the honest and loyal review of M3Server. In this article, we include features of M3Server, advantages, plans and packages, pricing etc. It was considered one of the best and amazing dedicated servers web hosting domain host site. Just go through with this full article and check out some amazing tips, plan and packages related to M3Server.

What is M3 Server and Why?

Well, M3Server considered one of the best and popular hosting server till 2016. It offers so many services to their users. M3 Server is a United States based hosting site and runs successfully all over the world. Numbers of users were attached with this company. If offers a great platform to your company and blog.

It basically offers different types of services like:

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • SSD Performance Virtual Servers
  • Dedicated Server
Managed Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting- M3Server Review

As a traditionalist, whenever you are searching a professional web hosting company for your new online business, you have to check the M3 Server first because it having all the qualities which you are looking for.
If you are choosing the service of M3Server then in return it will provide something to your business like-
  1. A huge traffic to your site and business.
  2. Improve Rankings and Zero downtime.
  3. Your business and website lightning fast.
  4. Your online business has grown at an exponential rate.
  5. 100% customer support. A professional team will handle your all queries.
  6. Unmetered bandwidth and free nightly Backups.
  7. Protection against Malware and viruses.
  8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  9. Instant reply through telephone and email

Features of M3Server

Fully Managed Structure

As we have seen many websites were launched in internet daily but their maintenance is poor. They did not manage the overall wellness of their site and blog. M3 Server watching the site performance, overall maintenance, system load servers, web server etc. It will look up for your website and business maintenance regularly.

SSL Certificates

It will save your website and blog from third person. It will apply various encryptions which makes your website safe and secure from third party. No one can interrupt in your site data and information. Your information is fully secured. SSL considered a fundamental security for every website and blog.

Control Panel

Cutting-edge M3 Control Panel was created by M3Server. It offers a basic control over its dashboard. It is flexible and easily handled via newbie also. The main motive and aimed to provide its users and customers with total but basic control of their servers. You can easily manage the control of your site servers.

Managed Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting- M3Server Review

100% Satisfaction

If you are choosing M3Server platform then in return you will get 100% satisfaction because they will listen their customers first. According to me, if you are not satisfied with any service then you will get nothing in return. So, satisfaction is must! 

It offers guaranteed satisfaction and always there for you. You have to use its service because it provide everything. M3 Server provide 24*7 service. Plus a supportive team is always there to help you out. A technical and professional people will handle all the deals and as a member if you are facing any difficulty then they will offers their best service to you.

Backups Facility

We cannot ignore disasters and risks; they are the part of any business. People take risk for their site beneficial, sometimes it happens for good but sometimes unfortunately it leads to disasters. But we have to prepare our self for these errors and prepare a backup facility. M3 Server offers an affordable backup option which will respond so fast for any inconvenience.

Types of Service


Content management network (CDN) offers the best scale for their customers website. They will spread the content all over the world. Your website static content like images, pictures, cascading style sheet, and JavaScripts can be stored and served vast quickly from the nearest CDN node. Isn't it amazing! 

It offers various features like scalablity, reliability, affordable plan and packages, improves site ranking etc. CDN is a distributed server that delivers the content and web pages on the desired locations of the readers, user faster than a single server.

Managed Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting- M3Server Review

Website Monitoring

Well, website monitoring means it will monitor your website structure. Every minute they will scan the website and checks whether there is any error or crash. They will monitor and scanning the website performance and analyses it deeply.

It includes-

  • Email NotificationsResponse Time Reports and analyze the site
  • Downtime Logs
  • Checks From Multiple Locations
  • Domain Names
Being a member, it will allow you to manage domains from registrations to advanced domain management. You can find the perfect domain related to your business. You can ordered a new Managed Virtual Server and get a free domain name for a year. 

It offers 3 types of services like-

  • Bulk domain search 
  • Easy domain transfer
  • Bulk domain transfer


It will provide an advanced feature to their customer site. It will maintain the sites ads and manage the crawlers, page peels, and wallpaper ads. It presents a platform where the users can manage the advertisements and having full control over it. Adserver allows you to monitor the performance of your campaigns.

Managed Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting- M3Server Review


SiteTech service is here to provide the helping hand when your website or blog administrator is unavailable to assist you. It offers so many advanced features like-
  • Website Designing structure
  • Database Design and analysis
  • Task Automation
  • Website Content Manipulation
  • Programming control or Customizing
  • Website shifting 

Pricing Concept

The price and plans of M3Server hosting company is affordable and people can choose their service without looking at price. If you are not satisfied then no need to worry it will return your money within 30 days. 

The different plans of M3 Server are-

  • AdServer starts with plans at 29$ a month.
  • Dedicated Servers start at 200$ a month.
  • Virtual servers start at 20$ a month.
  • CDN Services start at 16$ a month.
  • Domains start as low as 12.99$ a month.
You can choose any plan, every plan has its own features. Don't hesitate if you have any doubt regarding its pricing structure, just contact to the support team.

M3 Affiliate Program

Managed Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting- M3Server Review

You can also join its affiliate program, a user can earn 10% recurring monthly commissions plus you can also receive a one-time payout on top of the monthly recurring commission. Commission can be paid via Paypal account. What are you waiting for, just visit the M3 Server official site and register yourself and learn something new and innovative.


In the end, I would like to say that M3 Server provide the best hosting Service globally. You have to give it a chance. It offers so many advanced services and features to their users. The customer service is also very fast. They will respond to each and every query. It will offer 24*7 customer support service. People think that M3Server provide the high-cost service and plans but let me tell you that it is quite affordable and offer low price plan and packages plus if you are not satisfied with its pricing plan then no need to worry, it will return your money within 30 days. 

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