There are so many languages are available to learn c++, JavaScript, PHP etc. But if we concerning through books and tutor, then we totally confused. So if we understanding these languages then their is no option rather then learning languages on internet. Today i would like to share an interesting post that is relate with learning languages online. Everyone is very found of different languages. I think this is all the game of codes. But the main thing is that these code is written in a complex way. So i would like to share an article which include some websites where you can go and got knowledge about codes of various language. Learning these languages is very important for every ProBlogger. Hope you all liked this post.

Best Websites to learn HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript- 2012


4)  HTML Dog

6)  W3schools

7)  CodingBat

9)  Davesite

Some other useful websites are:-

That's it!!