Top 6 Popular Websites that Pays to Blog
Hey everyone, today we are going to discuss on a interesting topic that is top 6 websites that pays to blog/site in 2013. In today's world everyone wants to make money in a short period of time. But it needs lots of hard work and luck. This post is relate to make money with paid sites. Websites that pays to the blog is that sites which includes reviews and sponsored articles. You can go on these sites and write sponsored articles and get paid. Below we are mentioned an number of websites that pays to the blog. So if you really want to earn money than follow this article and i am sure you will get positive results.

List of 6 Websites that Pays to Blog- 2013

1)  Pay Per Cost

The first website that pays is Pay Per Cost. The short form is PPC. It is one of trusted get paid to blog websites where publishers are paid decent money for every review they publish for advertisers on their blogs. Your blog must have atleast 3 months age. For apply to this PPC your blog must have 30 quality articles and a good traffic and your blog is in English language.

2)  Pay U2 Blog

PayU2Blog is a websites where bloggers receive a steady stream of work each week and don't feel they have to compete for their paid blogging assignments. It offers variety of assignments via you can make money easily.

3)  Blogging Ads

Bloggingads provide an opportunity to earn huge amount very easily. You can write review articles and sponsored posts and sell it on these websites. You can also sell spaces on your blog.

4)  Bloggertizer

Bloggertizer is a free resource for bloggers who want to earn extra income from blogging and advertisers interested in getting blog posts or links. It having some advanced features like  messaging, friends, save blogs, hide individual blogs, blog owners, or tags, and a Trade Ranking.

5)  Epinions

The next site is Epinions. If you really want to earn huge money than this one is the best option. website pays real people for writing unbiased reviews about the products.

6)  Social Spark

It provide an opportunity to write about the advertiser’s products, services and their websites on our blog. You can receive various of assignments from receivers and it depend on you weather you want to do it or not.

That's all!!