How To Make Money By Uploading Files
Making money is not difficult but it needs lots of hard work and luck. Some times you can earn huge money on web but sometimes nothing due to your bad luck. People always looking for those articles which are based on making money. People always ready to learn new methods and tips to make money. Do you know that you can make money by uploading files in 2013? Surprised! But my friend this is true now you can easily make money just by uploading your files on some sites. Below i have mentioned some unique and amazing websites that are paying their customers pretty well for their work of uploading files. Lets have a look!

Make Money By Uploading Files- Top 5 Sites

1)  Sharecash

Alexa Rank - 13,395
Google Page rank- 3

It is one of the leading site in download industry. It was created in 2009 and nominate for the best leading PPD network. It is also one of my personal favorite site and you can earn money through it. Sharecash include following three steps:-
  • Firstly you have to Register yourself.
  • Upload the files and Documents which you need.
  • Last but not the least, Earn immediate cash
Sharecash only support PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Pay quicker, Wire Transfers and Cheque. 

2)  Crocko

World Alexa Rank- 5,330
Google Page rank- 4

You can upload upto 2GB data files. You can download as much as you can but the non active files won’t be stored more than 60 days. It is free account service. You can register yourself by filling your necessary details. You can manage a track of your download files. You can upload more than 8 files directly after and before registration. It is a fast and flexible file hosting service.

3)  Uploading

World Alexa Rank - 3,180
Google Page rank- 5

It is also one of my favorite file sharing site. It is flexible, easy to implement and reliable. You can earn upto $30 easily. It is popular hard drive site and provide a backup security to your information. You can easily share your files with your colleagues and friends. Unauthorized and invalid activity are banned on It pay upto $1-100 for every 1000 downloads.

4)  Docstoc

World Alexa Rank - 918
Google Page rank- 5

The next one is Docstoc. If you really want to make money by uploading files than i am sure you will really like this site. Its pays 50/50 revenue generated. Firstly you have to upload your Documents in less than 2 minutes for selling purpose and immediately doing the formalities of sign up. You can promote your blog, business and grab huge audience with the help of Docstoc. It will keep 50% of your revenue and other 50% of your revenue will directly drop on your bank account.

5) FileFactory

World Alexa Rank - 2,092
Google Page rank- 5

Over 7 million of users are already registered in this site. It is one of the best option to make money by uploading files. You can share and store your files. Also you can send the large files easily. The following features of File Factory is it share your files all over the world, save your time, easy to implement. It pays you around $15 per 1000 downloads and 20% of its membership sales by your referral links.