Top 10 High Page Rank Websites to Get Free Quality Backlinks
Do you wants Backlinks for your blog? If yes, than today I will tell you some sites where you can get backlinks for your sites. These are the websites whose have an high page rank and good Alexa rank. There are number peoples are launching their blogs and involve in the field of blogging. As we know that creating an blog is easy but to maintain it for long period of time is bit difficult. Also to grab visitors and audience for your website is difficult, it needs lots of hard work and skills. For building an high site ranking. All you need to build backlinks for your website from high PR websites. To improve SEO of your website, back linking is the easiest and effective way than other SEO techniques.

Several Websites To Get Backlinks in 2013


This is the first site to get backlink for your blog. Its a popular site in 2013. You have to register yourself and take part in contents which have been publish there. Leave reasonable links to your website in your comments via this you can get huge traffic for your site. The PR for this site is 8


You can register it for free. Create your profile and complete the process of registration than activate your  account by signing in your e-mail. You will get an backlink. Its has an 9 page rank.


Its has an 8 Page rank. Just sign up and fill the performa than activate it through your e-mail. After registering yourself, you will get an backlink.


This one is the forum website where you can communicate with more than 30,000 peoples. Sign up and enjoy the backlink. It has an 7 page rank.


It has an pagerank 6. Register yourself and comments on their posts. Also you can insert your links to your comments.


Register yourself and create your profile make sure you add your blog and site urls so you get 2 backlinks from a Page Rank 5 website.


It has an Page rank 7. This is also an forum website and you can insert an link of your blog in the comments. But before you have to read the commenting guidelines first. You can also post some contents to grab huge traffic for your blog. 


Register yourself on and submit your blog url for getting an page rank. This site has an 6 page rank. Its an Blog Directory. You can get an huge traffic for your blog or website


All you need to sign up and create your profile, submit your website url and get an backlink. It has an Page rank 6. Increase huge traffic from this site.


Its an forum website, just register yourself and get an backlink. It has an 9 page rank. You can publish the articles with links to your blog. Also you can take part in conversation and discuss about latest information and news.

That's all