The Most Popular Blogs on Internet and their Massive Earnings
Their are lots of richest bloggers are on internet and always try to earn more and more. Well this is 2013 and in this new year i wanted to write on a hot topic which is The most popular blogs or we can say richest blogs and their bloggers. I will show you an list which include popular blogs and their earnings. Also these blogs have very good Alexa ranks. Personally my Favorite one is Mashable. So, let us take a look at the 10 Top Earning Blogs to see how much they are actually earning and what we can learn from them. So lets core to this topic. All blogs are inspired me and i hope that this inspires you as well!

Top 10 Blogs and Their Earnings-

1)  Website:-  Techcrunch
      Owner:- Michael Arrington
      Monthly Earning:- $200,000
      Main Income:- Advertising Banners

2)  Website:-  Mashable
     Owner:-  Pete Cashmore
     Monthly Earning:-  $180,000
     Main Income:-  Advertising Banner

3)  Website:-  Perez Hilton
     Owner:-  Mario Lavandeira
     Monthly Earning:-  $140,000
     Main Income:-  Advertising Banners

4)  Website:-  Timothy Sykes
     Owner:-  Timothy Sykes
     Monthly Earning:-  $135,000
     Main Income:-  Affiliate sales

5)  Website:-  Gothamist
     Owner:-  Jake Dobkin
     Monthly Earning:-  $80,000
     Main Income:- Pay Per Click

6)  Website:-  Slash Gear
     Owner:-  Ewdison Then
     Monthly Earning:- $60,000
     Main Income:-  Pay Per Click

7)  Website:-  Life Hacker
     Owner:-  Nick Denton
     Monthly Earning:- $60,000
     Main Income:-  Advertising Banners

8)  Website:- Smashing Magazine
     Owner:- Vitaly Friedman
    Monthly Earning:- $58,500
    Main Income:- Advertising Banners

9)  Website:- Tuts Plus
     Owner:- Collis Taeed
     Monthly Earning:- $55,000
     Main Income:- Advertising Banners

10)  Website:- Steve Pavlina
       Owner:- Steve Pavlina
       Monthly Earning:- $45,000
       Main Income:- Pay Per Click

That's all!!