Top 10 Best Earning Blogs 2013

Hey Everyone, This post is related with top 10 earning blogs of 2013. But the question arrise- Do you know worlds top best earning blogs 2013? If not, then just look below to know more and amaze by their earnings too. I am going to share an amazing post which is focusing on  top 10 blogs collection ever with their payments. These facts and figures are just motivation for you people towards Blogging to engage more on it and be one of them in future. This is a success story of Blogging to the road to riches. Hence just start doing your mouth wandering below. Below their is an chart which shows the top 10 best blogs with their Alexa Rank, Earnings (per day) and Last but not the least their Estimated Web Worth. Hope you like it, and don't forget to share it on your networking sites.

Blog Name
Alexa Rank
Earnings per day
Estimated Web Worth
$21.82 million
$11.52 million
$10.82 million
$7.2 million
$4.66 million
6. Tuts+
$3.7 million
$3.52 million
$2.90 million
$2.66 million
10. JoyStiq
$1.28 million

Main Source of Income of above Blogs are :

Their source of income are Google AdSense, Direct and Affiliate Advertising.

Who's Next ?

If you want to be next, then just work hard with your blog and one day will come when you are on top of the world.

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