Competition is very tuff. As we see our generation is growing very fast, people adopt so many methods to earn money, because in today's world everyone wants luxurious life. Our technology also growing very fast. They launched so many new techniques which gives relaxation to our life like whether its iPad, iPhone tab, XPhone. Yes! you heard it right XPhone. Google now launched a new handset which is XPhone. As the name suggest XPhone has a x-factor in it. If you are excited to know more about XPhone then check below. Have a look!

It is rumored that Google is to bring up some devices through Motorola. Google aims to stand XPhone apart from all remaining handsets in market today.  Motorola will continue working with its Droid series. Moreover, companies will also launch an X Tablet next year.

Excellent Features of XPhone:-

Features of XPhone

  • Flexible Slim screen. 
  • Ceramic molds that would allow for unusual shapes.
  • An amazing feature, it lip-read your voice commands.
  • Allow you to make hand-waving gestures in front of the phone.
  • Panoramic camera with better color saturation.
This technology has a moto that is :-
“Investing in a team and a technology that will do something quite different than the current approaches". 
Motorola also expecting to launch x-tablet after the XPhone. Goggle is ready to rock once again.
If this is not the rumor then the future is not only bright with the Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC. Motorola phones will also get primary consideration from Google. 
Google spent $12.5 billion acquiring Motorola Mobility in May 2013.