top 10 richest rappers Rapper! isn't it the most coolest and dude type word. As we look around we saw so many rapper like in our society, school, colleges, even our friends also love to do so.  Rappers are not only making money for themselves but are also getting so much of fame, success and popularity. Many of these rappers rose from rags to riches by tirelessly working simultaneously as producers, writers,musicians and businessmen.Generally we assume a look of rap star like funky hairstyle, loose shirts, lots of jewelry, a cap etc. So i have decided why not to write about an article related to richest rappers. I know this is out of track, i mean not related to my blog niche. But my readers always love to know excited information regarding any topic.

Best Rappers of All Time

1.)  Sean “Diddy” Combs      

sean diddy combs
At No.1 position, he is also know as Puff Daddy. His net worth is $500 million. He is very much popular in all over the world. People is crazy about his rapping style. And moreover his dashing personality. According to Forbes list of 2012 he is at No.1 position. His earning is comes from Acting gigs, television shows, stage shows and guest appearances.

2.)  Shawn”Jay-Z” Carter

Jay-Z appeared at No.2 position. His net worth is $460 million. Jay-Z is a mind blowing rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and occasional actor. He is receiving thirteen Grammy Awards for his amazing musical work.                                                                                                     

3.)  Eminem

I think everyone is very much aware of Eminem. He is the another one popular rapper we have. He is very much popular in India. People usually download his songs. He was the first rapper to blow up from the underground battling scene and he always talks about real stuff unlike Wayne and all the other mainstream rappers.

4.)  Eunhyuk

He is the best rapper ever in our hearts. Even girls were totally mad on him, they only want to meet him rather then listings his rap. He writes his rhymes, lyrics too and I don't hear explicit words because he usually talks about love and how he appreciates the world. His net worth is $390 million.

5.)  ScHoolboy Q

Schoolboy is a very amazing person. His raps are very heart touching. People are totally crazy about him. His looks and dressing styles are too cool and very trendy. His net worth is around $300 million.

6.)  Andre “Dr. Dre” Young

dr. dre
He is one of the extraordinary producers as well as at the same time he is evolved with his rapping style. He has a unique style of doing rap in front of audience. Dr. Dre helped launch careers of Snoop Dogg. Dr Dre reportedly sold 50% stake in Beats Electronics, on 11th August 2011.

7.)  Bryan “Birdman” Williams

Bryan Williams placed at No.7 position among best rappers. He is also famous by his another name Birdman. He is very famous in whole over the world. People love his attitude and rapping style. He is also the Co-Founder of Cash Money Records. His net worth is $110 million.

8.)  Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

curtis jackson
Beside doing rap, he is also an perfectionist business man. He is smart and intelligent as well. His best album sold at $15 million which named as “Get rich or die tryin”. He gave amazing lyrics and songs to the industry. He is not interested in sad songs. He doesn't do depressing songs like Eminem all the time. His net worth is $100 million. He told Forbes in 2008: “It’s probably going to take me 10 years.”

9.)  Kanye West         

kanye west
This musical genius “Kanye West” didn't actually start out his career as a rapper but as a record label producer for Jay-Z's Rock-A-Fella Records. Kanye West, first single “Through the Wire”, was a chart buster hit and a crowd/audience favorite due to the inspirational messages which are in the lyrics of the song. His net worth is $17 million. He is not only the rapper, he is an amazing musician and producer too. The College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation, the three most super duper hits album, through this he blended soul music and hip hop .

10.)   Aliuane “Akon” Thiam

He is a very famous singer and rapper. Akon is not only famous in his own country but he is very famous in all over the world. His song “Hold My Hands” with Michael Jackson a famous dancer. He is also famous in India also. He has also launched some other very hit songs. His net worth is $14 million. He is an American Singer, song writer, producer.