How to Make Money by Selling your Photos OnlineCurious about current-day options to make money selling photos. The feeling is great when you first get a digital camera, and  the excitement is something at the top of the level when you saw your first printed photograph. isn’t it awesome!! Do you love taking photos? Are you the one your friends always ask to "bring your camera with you" to parties? You could make money out of it. If you are like me and love taking photos, have thousands on my computer and are looking to find out how you can make some money from your pictures.The good news is that your passion can earn you a bit of extra money. If you are looking for a way to make an extra income, then this is a great opportunity. Making money with your digital camera is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You have to follow some steps which i have written below..

  How to sell Photos

If you’re a designer you may have clients who are photographers. Some of these options allow designers to create customized sites for their clients, so if you work with a lot of photographers it can be worth exploring. Magazines should be the main place you try to get your photos sold to, because they will pay you the highest rates. you have hundreds of sites to choose. You might want to start with the ever popular Google. There are also reputable sites are available for selling photos online like-

Exposure Manager

exposure manager
You can use your own domain and customize the header and footer. Upload your photos and create galleries, which can also be password protected. For selling your work, photos can be sold as digital downloads or prints.


SmugMug includes a wide variety of features for displaying and promoting your photos, including the ability to publish photos to Facebook and Twitter or embed in blogs.

Become an expert in attaching keywords to your photos. Most stock photo websites offer you a certain number of characters to use as keywords that will allow your pictures to be found by searchers, whether they have come to that website or through a search engine.


You can upload photos, create galleries, password protect galleries, and make your photos available for purchase. For e-commerce, you can choose from different labs to fulfil your orders, or you can fulfil them yourself. Prices range from $28 per year to $300 per year, with a 18-day free trial available.


Shutterfly allows you to create a gallery of your photos at their site or integrate your own website with their ordering process. They have their own lab to handle fulfillment of your orders.

Other Sites for selling your photos-

I have tried to keep this article simple. But if you have any confusion or doubt, just ask me through comment. Art is like an beauty - is in the eye of the beholder. Keep doing it, and you'll have a successful portfolio of stock photography in no time.