top 7 blogging communities Over the recent years, people try to exposure their blogs and sites worldwide. Every one wants to increase and boost their online presence and increase relationship with other bloggers. As we all very well aware with how traffic is important to us. This particular blog post is related with Best 7 blogging communities for blogger’s To Drive Huge Traffic. Traffic as we all know that very much important for us. We all know that blogging communities help your website and blog post to rank high in search engines to bring organic/huge traffic. If you are a newbie blogger than you are already know that how difficult is to boost up the traffic. Most of the bloggers still fight to get massive traffic for their blog and website.

Basically there are some question and queries were arise when i started writing up these post. Some are like:-

How to drive massive traffic for our blog/website in 2014?

What are the ways to get readers for your blog?

How to promote blog post to get huge readers to your blog?

Which are the best social media sites to promote blog article in 2014?

Top blogging communities for blogger to drive massive traffic?

There are thousand of ways are available on web to drive massive traffic for your blog. There are many ways to get referral traffic. Some of them are as written below.

  • Do guest posting on different popular sites.
  • You can boost up your traffic via commenting on various popular dofollow sites. 
  • Take part in forum sites and become an part of discussion. 
  • Share your articles on different social media sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google Plus, Twitter etc. 
  • Share your blog post on blogging communities. 

Below we have mentioned some of the popular blogging communities for bloggers. Have a look!

What is Blogging Communities?

Blogging community is a place or platform where you can join communities of your own interest and discuss your blog post content. You can also interact with other minded bloggers, share each other’s post and build up healthy relationship with them. It is a platform where you can join different communities whose having thousand of people, also you share your articles. Plus you can also read others articles and learn new things.

There is a lots of benefits of blogging communities-

  • Getting Backlinks.
  • Get Instant ideas.
  • Become popular.
  • Learn new things.
  • Build healthy relationships with others.
  • Promote products.

 Top 7 Blogging Communities To Join In 2014

1)  Blog Engage

Blog engage is the first and top most blogging community for bloggers. You can accommodate its functions easily and operate it efficiently. The only disadvantage is that it is paid platform. You can register yourself as free of cost.

2)  Blogsynergy

The next one is Blogsynergy. Millions of users deal with it. This blogging community will help you to access your blog easily and fastly. Millions of bloggers are visiting this community everyday. And this website provides you with your profile. You can share all your opinions and links with your fellow ones.

3)  Bloggers

This is one of my favorite blogging platform or we can say an blogging community where number of users access their websites and blogs easily and accurately. You can easily access its functions, make changes on your blog or site, adjust pages and widgets.

4)  Blogcatalog

Blogcatalog is one of the best platform for blogging. Blogcatalog provides place to create personal profile and acts as the blog directory and social network service. The functions and services it provide is quite useful and easy to implement.

5)  Indiblogger

This community is specially created for Indian bloggers. Also if you are a outsiders than you are also welcomed there. This website is basically designed for Indian users and bloggers.

6)  Fuel my blog

fuel my blog
You can share your views, ideas and post there. Also this blogging community help you to modify your blog and website. Fuel my blog is a platform where you can increase and boost your website traffic.

7)  Gather

Gather is the best platform where number of people come for a fresh perspective on what's happening now. In this blogging community gather members can share their own views and join in conversations with others who share their interests. Gather works with the number of workers and freelancers.

All Done!!