How to sell your Website at FlippaThere are so many places where you can sell your website/blog. But now two sites are most famous first is EBay and second one is Flippa. When we talk about selling some products on internet we personally thought about Flippa. Its is a site where you can easily sell your website. Its an online marketplace specially for websites and blog. You can also buy and sell your domains also.
Selling a blog on Flippa could give 8-11 months worth of Revenue. Its a most reliable and convenient site for selling websites. Buyers make BID on blogs you list for auction or sale. However, here i would like to tell you about Flippa and How you can sell your blog/website at Flippa. Have a look!!

Selling Website or Blog on

However, in the above description i think everybody knows about Flippa. because i have mentioned that its an online marketplace for buying and selling websites. People also can buy and sell domains for their websites/blog.

Buy it Now

BIN is the short form of “buy it know”. BIN increase your chances to sell your websites at reasonable price. You won’t have to wait around to check and verify bids, or bother relisting your site if it doesn’t sell the first time around.

Trust Rating and Money earning website

money earning website
Its an most important thing that you have an good quality of trust of your readers and visitors. The most important thing is that make sure your website is based on money making. A lower rating means a lower chance of selling your website. So make sure that you work hard to build your Trust rating in Flippa. An earning such as $60 a month is negligible, so you can just forget selling your website at this time. You will only make a few bucks out of it. If you have an good quality of website then definitely you have earn a good quality of money also.

Set a BID

Before selling an website owners have to set a bid for there website/blog. When you have set your marking schemes on your website then Flippa shows this message, “Bidding open and reserve has been met”. By setting your website with a high or minimum bid, you won’t have to worry about selling your website or blog at a low price.

Give Revenue details

Give your complete revenue details to your potential customers and visitors, along with the analytics. Show them your revenue statements. Some websites maintain quarterly income reports to show to their visitors. You can do that too to attract customers/people outside of Flippa. And make sure you have provided all relevant information which is related to your website.


Backlinks are always important to a website/blog. You should always check where a website’s backlinks are coming from, because that’s usually where the traffic comes from. Your website’s search engine ranking depends largely on the quality of backlinks to your site. Bad backlinks will harm your blog so better you aware it.

Google Analytics Data

Never buy any website/blog without looking at its analytics. Request data for at least the past 6 months if you list your website as a “private sale”. Every website owner or we can say blogger will agree that Google Analytics Data is the best tool to analyze the traffic in your website. Website owners have Google Analytics Data through which they can confirm that the website’s traffic is genuine.