make money playing online gamesMoney through games, isn’t sound strange. But of course you can earn and make a handsome money through games. People often plays games for cheer themselves. While playing's games whether indoor or outdoor they feel alive. And most important thing while playing game is your mind feel refresh and a cute smile is on your face. People just play games for fun and obvious to entertain themselves. Now a days people enjoy games on computers, laptops etc.
And how was your reaction if i would say that you can earn money while playing games online. I think u think that i am gonna mad, but my friend this is true! You can also make money through playing online games. So without much a do, i would prefer some websites where you can play games and also make money.

But Note-
Most of the above Gaming sites offer Pay-out to their Customers via PayPal only. So please set up an account and start earning revenue.

Top 10 Paid to Play Gaming Sites of 2012

1) Tournment Games

2) Secondlife

3) SkillJam

4) MiniClip

5) KidzPage

6) Moola

7) Clip2Play

8) MSN Games

9) Worldwinner

10) Pogo

So, I hope you all win enjoy the games which i have mentioned above and i am sure you also make a decent amount through it. Have fun Guys. And put your valuable comments below.