Finally the Google Page Rank updated on 6th December 2013. I know it taking a lot time. Every one waited for it and i know it takes a long time to rolled out. Recently I have published Google PageRank Update Schedule: When Will Be The Next PageRank Update? which is liked by many readers, But they continuously asked me by e-mails that the day have passed and still Google will not show any results. But now finally it shows the result and give page ranks to various websites and blog in 2013. Google Page Rank will update within 3 months regularly. Page rank depend on site popularity, backlinks, traffic etc.

Page Rank Update Dates-

  • First PageRank Update : 4 February
  • Second PageRank Update : 6 December

How To Increase Google Page Rank-

  • Do Guest Blogging on various sites.
  • Commenting is an powerful source to grab traffic, so comment on popular sites.
  • Generate back links for your blog.
  • Submit Directories.
  • [ Social Media ] Promote your blog and contents on various social networking sites.
  • Submit an Forum. 

Earning Methods Got Page Rank 1

Yupii!!Finally after doing lots of hard work, we got an Page Rank 1. It an biggest achievement for us this month. This blog was founded on 2-July-2012 and headed by Konika Chauhan. This blog is developing very fast with heaps and bound incoming links. EM is a blog which is based on Making Money, social networking news, How to blog etc.

If you doesn't got an page rank this month than don't loose hope. All you need to give your 100% and do lots and lots of hard work.

How To Check Google Page Rank

If you want to check your Blog Page Rank than please submit the URL of the web site, web page or domain name to the form below and click "Check PR" button.