off page seo techniques There are so many tactics are available on web via you can optimize your website or blog. Every blogger try to improve their blogging condition and wants that their blogging will rank on first page of SERP. SEO stands for search engine optimization. Off page SEO is defined as the things you do offline to your blog in order to achieve good search engine ranking. There are so many Off Page SEO techniques are available on internet and people will generally use it to increase their traffic. Here i would like to share some Off page optimization techniques of 2014. Hop you like it!

5 Top Off Page SEO Techniques

1)  Social Networking Sites

As we all know Social media has an powerful impact all over the world. There are so many websites are available like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, Google+, YouTube etc. Social media sites are known as online promotion and advertising. Only you have to just sign up on these sites, create your blog or website page, people will like these page and follow you. Via this your site getting famous all over the world. Fill your profile details carefully. Social networking sites will help you to extend your blogging content.

2) Article Writing

Article writing is also an important off page SEO optimization technique. You can write lots of articles on various high page rank sites. It is also known as guest posting. Write article for engaging huge traffic. Try to include high targeted keywords in your post and after that submit it in popular sites.

3)  Commenting

commenting Commenting is also one of the easiest way to promote your blog or blog content. Search for high popular sites who have huge traffic, than try to comment genuinely on their blog post. Not give an spam comment because it shows the lacking of knowledge and shows your imperfection. There are so many websites also allow do follow comments that can provide your blog some good quality back links.

4)  Question & Answer

There are so many sites are available which is based on question and answers. You can discuss on so many topics and clarify your doubts. Also you can promote your contents through answering some question. You can post questions and answers related to your site’s content and posts.

5)  Guest Posting

guest posting Guest posting and guest blogging is all time my favorite. Whenever i was free, i usually do this, try to write an original based article and give it to the best famous sites. Through this you will get an backlink for your own blog or site. It will enhance your authorship.

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