Top 5 Rated Social Analytics Tools For 2013
As we all know that how social media is important for our blog and website. We have to understand its power of impact. In the field of blogging if you want that your blog and even your website will lead to success and attain popularity than you have to take an help of social media networking tools. There are number of Analytics tools related to social media are available on internet and we have tried to publish the top rated social Analytics tools for 2014.

What is its use?
People use their website’s analytic tools to check their social media campaign success, by seeing which domains their traffic came from. For example if your blog grab traffic from Twitter than it is a Twitter campaign success, and it you get an traffic from Facebook than it will consider an Facebook campaign success.

Top 5 Social media Analytics tools

1)  Spredfast


I f you are using Spredfast than you can create reports for metrics and then you can manage your campaign. Spredfast includes a list of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, SlideShare etc. It having some amazing features like it manage your workflow,  organised the content of information and track and resolve the customer problems through social media.

2)  Viralheat


It is an important and epic software which is used by the developers to monitoring the business. You can measure Analytics on Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, blogs, Facebook. It is also not very expensive, you can easily afford it. You can better optimized and visualize this Analytics by checking the pie chart, graph etc

3)  Gremln


It is available easily, it is not very costly you can purchase it easily. It is consider as its advantage. It is easy to implement and set-up. But it having only few social media networking tools include that is Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It will allow number of employees to access your company’s account and chat with each other in the Gremln dashboard.

4)  Sysomos


There is no limit on data saved. You can saved upto any limit. Sysomos works with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and forums. The system run with five users and one manager. When you start the system it can look back on the last thirty days and in many cases it will bring up some data for you.

5)  Expion


It will analyze and monitoring the data, information and content for you. It will include the social media tool like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Foursquare. This program is worked with WordPress which is easy to use and implement. Expion will brand your company by seeing the social media websites together at one place.

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