10 Best Fiverr Alternatives to Make Money Online
Do you the top 10 Fiverr alternatives where you can make money online for yourself. Fiverr is best marketplace where you can find the jobs. If you are unemployed than don't need to worry just go to that places and apply for the job. We can say that Fiverr is the freelance site where it give $5 for every gig. In my previous article I have mentioned Make Money With Fiverr In 2013. People do every effort to earn money but freelance websites are latest in trends. There are number of freelance websites are available on the web. Fiverr provide an platform to the people to get employed and work as self dependent. Below I describe top 10 fiverr alternatives, hope you like it!

Several Fiverr Alternatives To Earn Money In 2013 

1)  SEOClerks

*Offering services related to SEO.
*Google Page Rank- 5
*Alexa Ranking- 5,680
*Selling Prices- $ 1 to $ 999

2)  GigBucks

*Hosts gigs for all the categories available on fiverr.
*Provide freelancers the opportunity to charge an amount of money for their services.
*Google Page Rank- 4
*Alexa Ranking- 7,160
*Selling Prices: $ 5 to $ 50

3)  Zeerk

*No commission is charged.
*Provide services to freelancers.
*Google Page Rank- 3
*Alexa Ranking- 41,650
*Selling Prices- $2, $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $75,$100

4)  TenBux

*You can post gigs for almost every category which you can post on Fiverr.
*Simple to use and implement
*Google Page Rank-3
*Alexa Ranking- 38,2969
*Selling Prices- $10

5)  Fourerr

*Charge 20% commission.
*Cash transaction is through Paypal or Payza.
*Google Page Rank- 3
*Alexa Ranking- 18,340
*Selling Prices- $4

6)  Dollar3

*Cash Through Paypal.
*You can host any type of gig for just $5.
*Alexa Ranking- 238,851
*Google Page Rank- 3
*Selling Prices- $3, $6, $9, $12, $15, $27, $45, and $90

7)  FittyTown

*Provide large amount of money for almost the same things hosted on fiverr.
*You can host any type of gig for just $5.
*Google Page Rank- 3
*Alexa Ranking- 240,220
*Selling Prices- $3, $6, $9, $12, $15, $27, $45, and $90

8)   Beebuc.com

*It is Free of cost.
*You can buy and sell gifts from there.
*Googgle Page Rank- 1
*Alexa Ranking- 2,584,386
*Selling Prices- $3, $6, $9, $12, $15, $27, $45, and $50

9)   Jobsforreal

*Registration is free of cost.
*Google Page Rank- 1
*Alexa Ranking- 3,929,227
*Selling Prices- $5-$100.P

10)  Fiveruk.com

*You can host any type of gig for just $5.
*Payment through Paypal.
*Google Page Rank- 0
*Alexa Ranking- 3,345,752

All Done!