Benefits of Having a Newsletter on your Blog
E-newsletters are a great way to expand your customer/readers base without having to spend too much on your marketing efforts. E-newsletters is an best way to get in touch with your visitors. Many of the bloggers find newsletters very useful because they can share the favorite published posts with readers or make them aware about the gifts/giveaways and contests to readers which helps them to boost your fan following as well as traffic. The most tangible benefit of an e-newsletter is that you can always remain in the minds of your customers etc. Now in today's article I would like to share its benefits just below. Have a look!

Advantages of Newsletter

Advantages of Newsletter

Increase Readership

In a sense what readers of your newsletter are doing is giving you permission to promote your blog to them. Whilst you need to be careful that you don’t abuse this trust that they have given you but making the newsletter ALL about self promotion it will allow you to generate some traffic back to your blog.

Keep your readers updated

Even if you have readers who visit your blog very often but there are chances that they might have missed any useful content or updates from you. This may include any news from blogosphere or any contest or giveaway you are organizing that time newsletter do play a vital role to keep readers updated about your blog. 

Promotion of Posts

One of the side benefits of a newsletter is that sometimes the things you highlight in it get picked up by subscribers on their own blogs or sites. 


When a visitor subscribe to your newsletter it means that she/he is interested in your website/blog. Traffic is very important for the survival of your blog. If you doesn't get an desired traffic then it will effected your website. So for increasing visitors/traffic, newsletter is best way to make them visit to your blog/website  regularly. 

Drive Sales

Whilst I don’t use my newsletters to promote products or affiliate programs – this would be another benefit of using a newsletter. I personally don’t do it because the goal of my newsletter is not to drive sales but to get people involved in my blogging community – keep visiting my blog – however if you have a more sales driven blog then there would be possibilities here. 

Build Community

Last but not the least, Newsletters have the potential to give you readers a little extra that regular readers don’t get. In the process they often feel more included as they catch a glimpse of some privileged information. 

That's it!!