How to Make Money with Google PlusMaking money with Google+ is going to be similar to – but a little different than – making money with Facebook or Twitter. While Google is still rolling out changes to Google+, so that all users are having to figure things out on the fly, there are certain things you can do now to make your Google+ business ventures successful. Social networking is the most common use of the internet. Various networking sites have come up and are offering communication services. This giant search engine has introduced a new social networking site which it calls Google plus (g+). It is easy to make money on Google Plus straight from the comfort of your home with popular affiliate marketing programs.

How to Make Money with Google Plus

1)  Be Professional

Facebook is now used by many older people, it’s still mainly the domain of teens and young adults. Google+, on the other hand, is a little more sophisticated, and many users are a bit older. This means that you need to tweak the way you interact on Google+ in order to keep your circles engaged. In general, a more polished, professional, relevant persona will be necessary to maintain a good Google+ following.

2)  Boost Your Follower Count

Google Plus is still too new and there are not yet any money-making apps or pay-per-post Google Plus programs yet available. It won’t be long, though, before you’ll be able to find some. Use company newsletters, your blog and anywhere else your customers are visiting to ensure you’re getting the exposure you deserve.

3)  Google Plus Button for business

Google Plus Button for business
Google has now launched the Google Plus One button that will help people who will get recommendation from their social networks will help them in making buying decision and thus it will help companies in earning money from Google social network.

4)  Re-Post with Other Sites

As you’re building your Google+ account, don’t be afraid to cross promote and use re-posts from your Facebook and Twitter accounts etc.

How can you get followers on Google plus?

  1. Find targeted people on Google plus.
  2. Add selected people to your circles.
  3. Get the Google plus hottest trends, so you can start building your offers around most discussed topics on the social network.
  4. Build a strong Google plus profile, generating high quality traffic.
  5. Set up the perfect environment for a starting business.

5)  Get Google+ On Your Website

You’ll definitely want to get a “plus one” symbol on your websites so that you can start leveraging Google+ there as soon as possible. It should be a vital part of all your websites from here on out.
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